Week 8

?Project Part 3 – Due 8/15
?Lecture/Discussion  - Chapter 3 :67-70 and Chapter 11: 240-255 & 257-268
?Writing Assignment – Colorado River Report Due August 15
  Week 8 Assignments
Colorado River ReportIntroduction: In 2001, the Colorado River Task Force of theSierra Club published a study about the Colorado river called“The Colorado River Report.” You can read the report athttp://www.sierraclub.org/rcc/southwest/coreport/index.asp 
Tasks:Read the executive summary, conclusions, and recommendationssections of the report. In a short paper:1. Explain what is meant by “an inhospitable desert has become a playground, and the Colorado River has become a plumbing system.” 2. Describe some of the problems identified by the ColoradoRiver Task Force. 3. What is the California 4.4 plan, and how would it helpalleviate these problems? Is it a viable solution? Defendyour position. 
Deliverables and Format:Submit your answer in approximately 350 words in a Worddocument. Remember to cite all the sources referenced.Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: Double
Due Date: August 15
 Project Part 3? 
Write a rough draft of your research paper. In your draft, ensure that you include all the elements you detailed in the outline of your research paper. In addition, ensure that you cover the following elements:
?  Review the solutions or proposed solutions.
?   Research and describe some current environmental policies related to the problem, noting the organizations that proposed these policies? Identify some difficulties in implementing the policies?
?  Research and describe alternative approaches to solving the problem—approaches such as market incentives, lifestyle changes, and technological advances.
?  Write a conclusion that summarizes and restates the strongest arguments from yourpaper.
?  Deliverables and Format:  Submit your answer in a Word document in 7 - 10 pages.   Font: Arial; 12 point  Line Spacing: Double 1 inch margins   
Due Date:   Due: August 15