Week 9

?Project Part 3 and Colorado Paper due tonight
?Objectives - Chapter 12
?Project Part 4 – Due August 29 (Appendix I)
?Graded Activities
?Calculating our impact on the global climate paper – Due August 22
Week 9- Assignments
Calculating Our Impact on the Global ClimateIntroduction: In considering environmental problemsincluding global climate change, it is important tounderstand how we contribute to the change in the globalclimate. 
Tasks:1. Calculate your own impact on the global climatechange by estimating how much CO2 you produceeach year through your daily lifestyle. To do so, usethe carbon calculator on The Inconvenient TruthWeb site:www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/carboncalculator/ 2. In a short paper, state your total emission of carbon.Is it above or below the national average of 7.5 tonsper year?3. Brainstorm on what you can do to reduce thatfigure.4. In the calculator report, try changing the number ofmiles you drive annually or the type of car youdrive. What kind of difference does it make in thetotal?5. Review the “Take Action” section of the Web sitehttp://www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/.
Identify atleast three easy measures that you can adopt andthree more complex measures to reduce your CO2emission. Do you think you will implement thesemeasures? Give reasons for your answer.Note: If a recommended Web site is down or unavailable,ask your instructor to share an alternate Web site. 
Deliverables and Format:Submit your answer in approximately 300 words in a Worddocument.Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: Double Due Date: August 22

Project Part 4 
Tasks:Submit a final draft of your research paper. This draft should refine the first draft submitted in Part 3. Grammar, style, and flow should all be considered. 1. Review your draft and add any missing details2. Improve the paper’s flow. Make sure that there is a logical sequence of topics and that theintroductory and concluding statements make a strong impact.3. Check for grammatical and spelling errors.4. Make certain all references are properly cited following the Chicago Manual of Style. 
Deliverables and Format:Submit your answer in a Word document in not more than 1000 words.Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: Double
 Due Date: August 29
Grading Weight: 10%