AP Psychology

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 Welcome to Psychology!

In this class we will learn how to use Psychology, the study of the human mind and behavior, as a tool to better understand the world in which we live. As we study, we will focus on how different patterns of thought, learning, and the neurological functions of our body contribute to the way people act in the world around us, and how we can act and think in ways which will contribute to the world around us.   

Many parts of this page are hyperlinked, so you can reprint assignments and handouts at home or in tutoring if you need it. 

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Assignment NumberAssignment NameDescriptionDue DateCopy of Assignment

1st Quarter

1 Fundamental Attribution ErrorKeep track of behaviors you observe and think of possible causes of that behaviorAug 29Click Here
2AltruismComplete a questionnaire to determine your level of altruismSep 7Click Here
3Biases, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, & SpotlightDetermine which term matches the exampleSep 13Click Here
4Group Think & Group PolarizationDetermine which term matches the exampleSep 15Click Here
5Psychology TheoriesFor each psychological theory, write down a contributor (psychologist belonging to it), draw something to help you remember, and define the theory. Sep 23Click Here
67 Faces of PsychologyComplete the attached worksheet matching the field of psychology to Sep 27Click Here
7Psychologist TwitterComplete the attached worksheet, creating "tweets" for some of the pioneering psychologists we studied in class. Oct 4Click Here
8Operant Vs. Classical Conditioningcomplete the attached worksheet showing the similarities and differences between operant and classical conditioningOct 12Click Here
9Bobo Doll ExperimentComplete the attached worksheet using your book and the following youtube video. Oct 17Click Here
10Breaking Social Norms 

Using your knowledge of cultures, learning, and social scripts break 3 social norms. (Class Presentation)

Oct 28Click Here

2nd Quarter

Breaking Social NormsUsing your knowledge of cultures, learning, and social scripts break 3 social norms. Write up. 
Nov 1See Above
Short Term Vs. Long Term MemoryComplete the attached worksheet exploring the different kinds of memoryNov 1Click Here
3ForgettingComplete the attached worksheet exploring the different kinds of amnesia and process of forgetting memoriesNov 3Click Here

Quiz Date

Quiz Type

Quiz Title

Quiz Description

1st Quarter

Aug 28 

In classSocial Psychology Vocab 1Social Psych Vocab words 1-15

Sep 7-9

Take at home or in TutoringSocial Psychology Vocab 2Social Psych Vocab Words 16-30
Sep 9-10In class (At home retakes available)Social Psychology Vocab 3Social Psych Vocab Words 31-45
Sep 23-24In class (At home retakes available)Hist, Theories, & Careers Vocab 1History, Theories, Careers Vocab Words 1-15
Sep 29In classHist, Theories, & Careers Vocab 2History, Theories, Careers Vocab Words 16-30
Oct 6In ClassLearning Vocab 1Learning Vocab Words 1-15
Oct 12In Class Learning Vocab 2Learning Vocab Words 16-30
Oct 14In ClassLearning Vocab 3Learning Vocab Words 31-45
Oct 18In Class (On Paper)Learning 4 & Memory Vocab 1Learning Vocab Words 46-50 &Memory Vocab Words 1-10
Oct 24In ClassMemory Vocab 2Memory Vocab Words 11-25
Oct 26In ClassMemory Vocab 3Memory Vocab Words 26-39

2nd Quarter

Nov 11In ClassResearch & Stats 1Research Vocab Words 1-20
Nov 17In ClassResearch & Stats 2Research Vocab Words 21-39
Nov 22-28Online 11/22-11/28Bio. Bases of BehaviorBio. Bases of Behavior Vocab Words 1-26
Nov 30In ClassBio. Bases of BehaviorBio. Bases of Behavior Vocab Words 27-53

Daily Reading Monthly CalendarTopics Covered
September 2016Social Psychology & History, Theories, & Careers
October 2016 Learning, Memory, & Research and Statistics 
November 2016Research and Statistics & Biological Bases of Behavior

Extra Resources & Enrichment Activities
Find out your love languages by clicking HERE!
Watch the "stand up at the bell" conformity video HERE!
Watch the trailer for the "Central Park Five" demonstrating Mob Mentality, Deindividuation, & Out grouping HERE