Cultures of the Americas

World Cultures Brochure       

Individually, you are to learn about the culture of a specific region or country in the World. For this project you cannot use the same country you did the food flag project on.

You are to create a poster or brochure highlighting aspects of this country's culture and be prepared to share it with the class. (You do not have to make multiple copies of the brochure) Your brochure must include at least 5 of the 9 aspects of culture. You also must have at least two pictures or drawings per theme. 

In addition to the brochure you must demonstrate 1 aspect of culture (one of the 5 you learned about) to help us really feel like we were there in that region. This should be something the whole class can experience and may include teaching some of the language, teaching a few dance steps, making art common to the region etc.

You will have an hour or so of in class time to work on this. Everything else must be done outside of class. I suggest doing research at home and then bringing things to class to put together. You will have access to art supplies and paper in class 12/3 and 12/4.


Grade Breakdown:

Brochure: 15 points

  • 3 pts for each aspect of culture (5 total)
    • Must include pictures or drawings (include color)
    • Brief written explanations of each cultural part
    • Clearly label each element of culture

Presentation: 10 points

  • 3 pts- staying within a 3-5 minute time frame
  • 7 pts- having an interactive presentation highlighting one of the 5 aspects of culture that you chose to focus on

Total Points Possible: 25

The Nine Aspects/Elements of Culture are:

1. Language

2. History

3. Religion (beliefs / morals / mores)

4. Food and Shelter (Types / Styles)

5. Education Systems

6. Security/Protection

7. Relationships – Family and Others

8. Political and Social Organizations

9. Creative Expression - Recreation


*Remember, although I will not grade you on your artistic creativity, I will be grading you on neatness. Do not slap this together with no thought, you will not receive full points.