Food Flag

Food Flag and State Research

For this activity you will need to research a country of your choice focusing on their history, resources (including food), climate, and flag. You will be creating a display for our classroom to turn into a museum for others to roam and learn about these countries.

  1. Flag display  

Original Flag: Create a large picture (half a piece of computer paper) of the flag by drawing or printing it on computer size paper, this representation needs to be in color.


B – Museum Display: Create a biography of the country displaying the following information (numbers 1-3). This should include both pictures and written explanations. Make sure this display is neat (typed, or neatly written in pen, colored, and organized). Display does not need to be 3-D or be able to stand up.

1. HISTORY Trace the history/evolution of your country. This history should include when it officially became a State, what climate region it is in, the resources it has, and when they adopted their flag.

In your write up, briefly answer the following questions:

1. When did your country become an official State? Provide a narrative explaining its route to independence.

2. Was it ever controlled by another country? (If so, who ruled and what was the result of their rule?) OR Did it ever control other countries? (If so, why did your country imperialize other nations?)

3. What climate region does this country reside in? (Does climate effect what resources they have? why? why not?)

4. What resources does this country have in abundance? What resources does it gain in trade?

2. SYMBOLISM & TRADITION Explain the symbolism of the flag and any traditions or interesting facts related to it.

3. FOOD CULTURE & RESOURCES Research the “food culture” of your country and include information about major crops, exports, traditional dishes, etc. Further include the major resources they farm or mine and how it relates to their overall wealth standard of living.

4. SOURCES Cite your sources at the bottom or back of the display.  (At least 3 sources and Google is not a source.) When you give credit to an author be sure to say 1. WHO wrote the information 2. the name of the WEBSITE or BOOK you read from 3. The URL or Publisher of the book.


C. Food Flag – Create the flag of your country using foods and resources from the country.

 - Your food flag should contain foods or resources that are generally identified with your country either as traditional dishes or economic staples. See examples provided and consider: shape, color, texture.

- You may create this flag with actual food/resources and take a picture of it (or bring the completed food flag). OR You may draw/paint the flag (draw basil leafs, noodles, and tomatoes).


Be ready to tell us and others about the flag, culture, foods.  You should be familiar with the information and not need to read it off your assignment.



Worth 25 Points