Windshield Geographer

Windshield Geographer

Congratulations! You are now a geographer here to identify the 5 themes of Geography around your home town. 

To complete this assignment you should take pictures, draw, paint, or somehow illustrate instances where the 5 themes of geography can be clearly seen around Salt Lake City (or surrounding areas). Each illustration must be clearly labeled with the theme it represents and include a brief explanation (1-2 sentences) about how the theme is represented. 

There must be two pictures or illustrations per theme, making a total of 10.

These do not need to be printed in color, nor do they need to be large.If you do not have access to a printer and would like to take photographs, you can print in the school library.

Feel free to title the photos and have some fun!


Grading Scale: 20 points total

10 points= 1 point per picture/illustration (5 themes X 2 pictures each = 10)

10 points= 1 point per explanation  (1 explanation per 10 pictures)