Week at a Glance: Lesson Plans

Here I will post weekly lesson plans.

  Mrs. Reed’s/ Mrs. Nasim’sWeek at a Glance Week of: 4/12/10 
Morning Work9:30-9:40Daily Word ProblemSelf-Selected ReadingDaily Word ProblemSelf-Selected ReadingDaily Word ProblemSelf-Selected ReadingDaily Word ProblemSelf-Selected Reading
Word Work9:40-10:00 AnyAsAskByCouldIntroduce Sort + 5 Sight WordsAny-Could Sort ABC OrderSort Write & DrawSort Rhyming WordsStudy Sort Spelling Test
Mid-Morning Break10:00-10:15Snack/BathroomBig GroupSnack/BathroomBig GroupSnack/BathroomBig GroupSnack/BathroomBig Group
Literacy Block10:15-10:55Reader’s Workshop:Minilesson:Building background knowledge of nonfiction conventionsWriter’s Workshop: Drafting PoemsReader’s Workshop:Minilesson: Becoming familiar with the characteristics of nonfiction trade booksWriter’s Workshop:Drafting Poems
Science/Social Studies10:55-11:10Social StudiesReview what we learned about Ancient Egypt. Science Locate the oceans on a map.  (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, & Arctic)-Oceans characteristics Science All about the coast & shore Science All about waves and tides.
Math11:10-11:30Lesson 105Measuring and drawing line segments using centimetersLesson 106Multiplying by 5Lesson 107 &  108Subtracting 2 digit numbers using dimes and pennies  Lesson 109 Subtracting 2 digit numbers Part 1