The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner Websearch!!

I hope you enjoyed reading 'The Breadwinner' by Deborah Ellis. Now we are going to learn more about Afghanistan and the lives of people living in Afghanistan. At the end of this work you will present a fact poster of the information you found.



Focus Questions / Tasks:

Use these two websites to answer the following questions:

The World Fact Book     World Info Zone

1. What is the capital of Afghanistan?  What country is the capital of Afghanistan located near on the map?

2. What year did the Taliban take control of Kabul?  What year was that group toppled?

3.  Who is the President (also referred to as the chief of state) of Afghanistan?

4.  Describe what the flag of Afghanistan looks like.

View this slideshow about Afghanistan

Record any interesting facts you discover

Read about this Afghanistan sport!

Write a paragraph to summarise this sport

Listen to some Afghani music.

Hip Hop

Music Videos

Write down your thoughts and feelings in one or two sentences.

Read about Deborah Ellis (The author)

a. What inspired Deborah Ellis to write The Breadwinner?
b. Where are all the royalties from the sales of the Breadwinner going?
c. List at least three things about Deborah Ellis' life.

More Questions!

1.When does Afghanistan celebrate the New Year?
2. What does the "stan" in Afghanistan mean?

Read about the lives of Afghan Children

Can you find the answers they give to the following questions?

1. What kind of toys do you have?

2. What do you do for fun?

3. What type of sports do you play? Can girls play this sport also?

Afghanistan Culture

Use the above website to find and copy out:

  • One Afghan recipe
  • One Afghan poem
  • Two Afghan proverbs
  • One traditional holiday, when it happens, and how the people celebrate it
  • Two myths or supersitions

Now see your teacher about how you are going to present all this information!!