Beginning in second grade, the students are writing in their planner each day what their homework is for the night.  Getting in this routine is good for them first of all to find the correct date each day in their planner and write what is needed in the appropriate boxes.  I help them more in the beginning of the school year to learn how this can help them be more organized, but as the year progresses, I write on the smart board what the homework is and it is their responsiblity to jot down the words. 

Usually there isn't that much homework in second grade.  Students have a weekly Spelling list to study each week for the Friday final test and will have a Spelling assignment  that is due either Wednesdays or Fridays (it will say on the weekly paper sent home and on my website).  Math Home Link sheets are assigned almost on a daily basis.  The rest is work that wasn't completed in class during the given work time, or misc. other projects or assignments. 

The children are to bring home their homework planner everyday and bring it back to school everyday as well.  It is  a school-to-home communication. If you need to jot a note down to me in the planner for that day, please do.  I may do the same, or just email you.  My goal is for your child to check each morning if there if a note in his/her planner for me to read. 

I will not be posting homework on my website on a daily basis-some of the older, other grade levels may do  that.  We rely on planners.