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Whether the pipe conveyor manufacturers has leakage, whether the casing is expanded, bubbling or deformed, whether the safety valve is broken, and the capacitor capacity, leakage current, and withstand voltage can be tested under conditions, which does not meet the requirements. The capacitors are replaced. For new capacitors or unused capacitors that have been unused for a long time, they must be passivated before replacement.

The usage period of the filter capacitor is generally 5 years. If the usage time is more than 5 years, the Conveyor Pulley manufacturers, leakage current, and withstand voltage are obviously deviated from the detection standard, and should be replaced partially or completely as appropriate.

Conduct electrical inspection on the rectifier and inverter part diodes and GTO multimeter, measure the forward and reverse resistance values, and carefully record in the prepared form to see if the resistance between the drive pulley manufacturers is normal. , the same type of device is consistent, and replace if necessary.