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 After dust removal of Portal Reclaimer and busbars, carry out the necessary anti-corrosion treatment, apply insulating varnish, and remove the burrs of the busbars that have appeared partial discharge and arcing before processing. For insulation boards that have been insulated and penetrated, the damaged parts shall be removed, and the insulation boards of the corresponding insulation grade shall be insulated in the vicinity of their damage, and the Apron Feeder manufacturers shall be tightened and tested and deemed to be qualified before being put into use.


Whether the fan running and rotating in the rectifier cabinet and the inverter cabinet are normal. When the machine is stopped, turn it by hand to observe whether the bearing has stuck or noise, and replace the bearing or repair if necessary.


Thoroughly inspect the input, rectification and inverter, and belt conveyor for bulk materials, and find that the burning is replaced in time.