The students will study Life, Earth, and Physical Science. We will explore populations and communities, plate tectonics and the rock cycle, as well as forces and energy. The students will also have a variety of lab experiences exploring changes in matter and practicing the Scientific Method and measurement. All students are required to take part in the Science Fair.

9/10/09- today we discussed the 6 steps of the Scientific Method

9/15/09 today we begin the introduction to Earth's Interior, tonight they are to read pgs 8-13 and answer questions 1-2 on pg 13 in their science books

9/16/09 today we identified the characteristics of the Earth's crust ,mantle, and core. They are to answer questions on og 12   1-4 for homework.

9/17/09 we continued with yesterdays discussionz, no homework

9/18/09 no homework enjoy the weekend

9/22/09 today we watched a film on the Forces that Shape Our Earth, the students are to write a 1 page review of the film

9/23/09 students are to answer questions 1-3 on pg 17

9/24/09 no homework tonight

 9/25/09 There is no homework for the weekend excpet to relax, the kids worked extremely hard this week on MEAP prep.

9/28/09 students are to read pages 18-22, answer questions 1-3 on pg.22

9/29/09 no homework tonight

9/30/09 today we began watching the PLANET EARTH series

10/1/09 students were given a science worksheet that they may use their notes and their science book to answer.

10/02/09 no homework for the weekend

10/5/09 read pages 26-29 answer questions 1-3 on pg 29

10/6/09 no homework tonight

10/7/09 today we continued with the planet earth series and the students are to write a 1 page movie review (except Mr. Manytch's room because they didnt get as far in the movie as the other class).

10/08/09 questions pg.36    1-2

10/9/09 today we did our first science experiment on convection currents and students are to answer questions 1-5 on pg.37

10/12/09 no homework tonight, students should be studying for their chapter 1 test on Thursday

10/13/09 students are to begin working on their study guide on pgs 39-40 questions 1-25 in preparation for their test on Thursday

10/14/09 study for chapter 1 test tomorrow

10/15/09 no homework enjoy the long weekend

10/19/09 students took their chapter 1 science test today, please sign it and return it to school tomorrow

10/20/09 pg 50 1-3 (Mr. Manytchs room only)

10/21/09 pg 50 1-3 (Mr. Hauser's room only)

10/22/09 pg. 57 1-3

10/23/09 Students recieved a science take home packet that is due on Monday they may use their books and notes as well. It deals with Ch.2

10/26/09 pg 65 1-3

10/27/09 no homework

10/28/09 read pages 72-75 and answer questions 1-3 on pg 75. Science test on Wed novemeber 4

10/29/09 students have to create a word search using the key terms from chapter 2 on pg 76

10/30/09 no homework study for ch 2 test on Wed

11/4/09 students took their science test today and have pg 85 1-2 to do for homework

11/9/09 pg 90 question 1-3

11/10/09 students recieved a volcano worksheet for homework

11/11/09 read pgs 92-98, questions 1-3 pg 98

11/12/09 no homework field trip

11/13/09 no homework for science except to read their notes and begin getting ready for ch3 test coming up shortly

11/16/09 read pages 101-105 take notes and answer questions on pg.105

11/17/09 students recieved their study guide for their ch3 test, they are to make a cheat sheet on a 3x5 card for the test (on thursday), we also watched a movie on volcanoes today and have to write a 1 page (front and back) movie review

11/18/09 ch3 review pg 109-110 questions 1-24, study for ch 3 test tomorrow

11/19/09 students took their ch3 test today, no homework

11/23/09 no homework

11/30/09 read section 1 and write the key terms and their definitions down in their science notebooks on page 6

12/1/09 questions on page 15

12/2/09 students are to write a fictional 1 page story about motion, BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/4/09 no homework, enjoy the weekend

12/7/09 pg 21 questions

12/8/09 students should begin studying for their test on Monday (ch1. Motion)

12/9/09 read pages 24-27 answer questions on pg 27

12/10/09 pages 31-32 questions 1-24 and begin studying for their test on Monday

12/11/09 study for science test on Monday, study guide can be found on pg 30

12/15/09 pg 39 questions

1/4/10 students recievied a friction and gravity worksheet

1/5/10 read pages 46-50 and take notes, answer questions 1-3 on pg 50

1/6/10 no homework tonight

1/7/10 read pages 51-54 and answer questions on pg 54

1/11/10 read pages 59-61 answer questions on pg 61, science test on Friday. Students also need to bring in a top to a show box for and experiment on Friday.

1/12/10 read pages 64-67 questions on pg 67, study for fridays test

1/13/10 students recievied their essay questions for Fridays test. They may answer them on looseleaf and turn them in with their tests on Friday.

Essay Questions 

1) why dont action-reaction forces cancel out?

2) An object launched from Earth must have a speed of 7900 m/s to achieve a low orbit. What happens if the objects maximum speed is less than 7900 m/s ? Please give a drawing with your answer

3) List all of Newtons laws of Motion in detail.

1/14/10 pg 69-70 1-25, study for tomorrows test

1/15/10 science test ch 2

1/19/10 read pages 75-80

1/20/10 take notes on page 75-80, and answer questions on pg 80

1/21/10 no homework, students were passed back their science test, please sign and return

1/25/10 questions pg 87

1/26/10 read pages 90-94

1/27/10 questions pg 94

1/28/10 no homework

2/1/10 1 page movie review on planet earth film.

2/2/10 no homework begin study for ch 3 science test (monday)

2/3/10 pg 99 1-2, 103-104 1-25, study for ch 3 science test (monday)

2/4/10 study for ch 3 test Monday

2/5/10 only homework they have for the weekend is to STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/16/10 read pages 146-150, answer questions on pg 150

2/23/10 questions pg 155

2/25/10 questions pg 163

3/1/10 questions pg 169, studying for ch 5 science test on Wed

3/2/10 study for test on thursday (changed from wed), students also got the science fair info packet, please sign and return parent letter ASAP 

3/3/10 study for chapter 5 science test

3/12/10 students should be working on the research part of their science fair project

3/16/10 continue working on science fair project

3/17/10 read pages 6-10 answer questions on pg 10

3/19/10 continue to work on science fair project

3/22/10 questions pg 20

due Thursday 3/25 for science fair






procedural steps

3/26/10 continue working on science fair project

3/29/30 questions pg 31

3/30/10 word search using key terms on pg 24

4/12/10 questions pg 35, begin studying for ch 1 science test on Friday

4/13/10 study for science test on friday

4/14/10 science packet as well as study for test

5/6/10 cross word puzzle using 20 words from chapter 2

5/10/10 questions pgs 57, science test friday (last one before final exam)

5/18/10 read section 1 take notes and answer questions on pg.121

5/18/10 1 page movie review of "Talking Trash"