Greenhouse Management

School Year:

2008 –2009

H.S. Credits:1
School Name: Greenup County ATCProgram:


KY Tech Course Name:Greenhouse ManagementTeacher:

Justin Suttles

 KCTCS           Course Number(s)                  KCTCS Course Name(s)                                  College Credits

HRT 240                                  Greenhouse Management                                         3

HRT 241                                  Greenhouse Management Lab                              0


HRT 140 Greenhouse Construction or permission of instructor

 Course DescriptionTopics include the identification and function of a plant's leaves, roots and stems; as well as identifying major plant processes and sexual reproduction parts. The 16 essential elements and how they affect plant growth are discussed. Identification of diseases, insects and plant disorders in the greenhouse are included. Development of growing schedules for the following crops are completed: poinsettias, chrysanthemums, Easter lilies, bedding plants and hanging baskets. Injectors are calibrated using various fertilizer and chemical ratios Materials Used

A variety of materials will be used to facilitate learning. The main text for this class will be Greenhouse Production. We will also be using information from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, and any other resource the instructor feels necessary.

 Objectives/Task List
1Identify the effects of light, temperature, and humidity on plant growth
2Identify characteristics of ideal greenhouse growing media
3Calculate fertilizer requirements from a soil using a PPM chart and plant analysis
4Identify and care for common house plants
5Identify and describe the growth procedures for major potted plants
6Regulate an irrigation and/or mist system
7Set and adjust thermostats according to temperature requirements
8Identify and calculate growth retardants
9Knock a plant out of a pot and analyze its growing condition
10Pot hanging baskets
11Identify and grow bedding plants
12Identify common greenhouse pests and the proper control measures
13Identify growing containers
  • Students will be graded according their performance in class/lab via written tests, performance tests, and hands on projects.
  • The grading scale is as follows:

90% to 100%               A

80% to 89%                 B

70% to 79%                 C

60% to 69%                 D

Below 60%                 F

*Courses with grades of less than a “C” will not count toward a certificate or be eligible for dual credit.

 Procedures for Makeup Work/Tests
  • It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor to make arrangements to makeup work/tests.
  • Students shall be granted the number of days missed plus one (1) to make up any worked missed for an excused absence.
  Attendance Policy/Withdrawal PolicyThere is a lot of information to be presented.  Students are expected to attend and be punctual.  In the event the student misses all or part of a class he or she will be expected to make up that days assignment. Withdrawals from class will be handled by the High School. Unless I am notified by the High School, you are still enrolled, and responsible for your assignments. Supplies    1.   Please bring pencils/pens and paper to class.  There will be written assignments and tests given.  You need to be prepared.     2.   You will also need to bring a pair of quality safety glasses.  Without the proper eye protection, you will not be able to work in the lab.  This is an absolute.  No exceptions will be allowed. Class expectations/Rules    1.   Enter room quietly.    2.   Do not bring pop or snacks into classroom.    3.   Wear proper clothing and safety equipment.    4.   Obey all safety rules and regulations.    5.   Obey all high school rules and policies.    6.   Do not cheat, plagiarize or assist another in cheating.    7.   No horseplay    8.   Make sure the shop/lab is cleaned and tools are put away before leaving.  If we can’t find the tools, we can’t work in the shop.  If the shop is cluttered, we cannot work there safely.    9.   Watch your language!  You cannot use foul and offensive language in the workplace; therefore, you cannot use it here!  10.   Keep your Safety Glasses on while working in the Lab!  Keep them on and wear them properly!11.   Be courteous to teachers and fellow students.12.   No tobacco products in shop, classroom, greenhouse. 13.   No use of electronic devises, this includes but is not limited to cell phones, ipods, and mg3 players. 14.   No going in or out the back door of the shop. That door is for emergency use only.   Course Outline
  • The outline of the course is at the discretion of the instructor. Typically the course will begin with training on safety. All students must pass each safety test with a score of 100%. After completing the unit on safety, instruction will follow the course objectives/task list as mentioned previously.

    1. Safety in Horticulture
    2. Overview of the Greenhouse Industry
    3. Greenhouse Structures
    4. Climate Control
    5. Growing Media and Plant Nutrition
    6. Plant Anatomy
    7. Growth Regulators
    8. Plant Propagation
    9. Cultural Practices in Light, Temperature, Air, & Water
    10. Growing Potted Flowering Crops
    11. Growing Foliage plants
    12. Growing Bedding Plants
    13. Pest and Disease Management