Class Expectations

Students are expected to be on their best behavior when they are in my class. 

REMEMBER: Instructors have the ability to drop you from a class if you are in violation of the schools safety rules.

The rules listed below are those that instructors find students abusing more than others. To find the complete Code of Conduct for Greenup County students click here 

All of the teachers have agreed upon the following rules for the entire school.

Tardy                   3rd Tardy = Friday School (Per nine weeks)

§        Send an email to Mr. Dunaway with student’s name in the subject line and 3rd Tardy for the message

§        Mr. Dunaway will assign Friday school, if student refuses they will be suspended.§        Inform students that if they are going to be late for your class because they are finishing a test or something they need to call and let you know within the first couple of minutes of class, otherwise they will be wrote up for skipping.

Skipping     Send an email to Mr. Dunaway with student’s name as the subject. In the message just put skipping and the class period. This covers you liability wise if something was to happen to that student while he/she was suppose to be in your class. 

Out of Class     If a student needs to do work for another teacher, the student must bring a note to Mr. Suttles and have it sgined. If they do not, they will be counted as skipping class.  

Hats            No hats are to be worn in the hallway. All teachers need to help enforce this. Try to be nice to the student. If they refuse or talk back send to Mr. Dunaway.Shops – It is up the instructor. 

Chewing          No tobacco in ANY shop or classroom. 

Horseplay          No horseplay in hallway/shops/classrooms. It is a safety issue.    

Cell Phones          No cell phones during class.

§        Warning for the first offense

§   After the first occurrence/warning you can take the phone and give to Mr. Dunaway to keep till the end of the day. It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve their phone at the end of the day.§        

Ipods/MP3          At instructors discretion. It is a safety issue in the shops. 

Back Doors         NO going in or out the back doors in the shops. All teachers need to enforce this, hang a sign to remind students to walk around.