Reminders, News, and Announcements

*Please make sure to follow the snack guidelines for our classroom that was sent to you in an email.

*We have a new rule pertaining to birthday treats at school this year.  Students may still bring in a birthday treat for their birthdays, however only enough for their homeroom and teacher.  For our class that total is 29 people.  Students will not be allowed to pass out treats to other teachers this year.  Please contact Mrs. Brown if you have any questions about this.  Thank you!

*Fourth graders may bring in a healthy snack each day.  They will bring it into the classroom in the morning and keep it in their desks until snack time.  A water bottle is also permitted especially during our hot weather since the trip to the drinking fountain is quite far.  We don't want them to miss instructional time while out getting a drink of water.

*A weekly folder will be sent home each Friday starting September 9th.  In it you will find your child's returned papers.  There will be a paper in the folder for you to sign and write comments on if necessary.  You may keep your child's papers except for tests that should be signed or work that they need to correct and return to me.  The parent signature paper should be returned in the folder on Mondays.  I will send a reminder email when the folder is sent home at least for the first few weeks.

*Students should get their assignment notebooks signed by a parent/guardian on a daily basis.