My Philosophy

I believe that every child has the potential to learn and be a smart educated student.  Kids are our future and we as teachers have to make them as best as they can be.  As a teacher I will help the students understand and learn the new material to be succesful in life.  A child can take in any information as soon as One year old.  It is nessesary for us as a teacher to feed them as such information aspossible depending on the attention span.  As a techer I will create lesson plans that will have the students interact with one an other and to be interesting for their age.  I will create diagrams and pictures that will catch their attention. I will also have them sign songs and count out loud every day so it can stay fresh in their memory.  It is important for us to make thing interesting for the students no matter what age they are.  As a teacher not only are we their teachers, we are their role models and sometimes they even see us as their parents.  There's so many parents out there that don't pay attention to thier kids, and they have no one else but us.  We have to make them feel comfortable and be there for them and love them as our own.  I will teach my students to respect others and how to be good people out in the world as Adults. I will also teach them not to judge one an other and to always be polite.  Us as teachers we have to teach them how to have good maners and be great people because that is part of education, and that's where it starts.