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English 7

Week of August 21

Wednesday: Contract

Thursday: 6 word memoir


Week of August 28

Monday: Show me your independent book, 3-ring binder with 5 labeled sections

             Test on Class Expectations


Week of September 5

Wednesday: I Poem


Week of September 11

Monday: Theme exercise

Reminder: Always read your independent book at least 30 minutes a night.


Week of September 18

Monday: Group work plot structure and theme of "Thank You, Ma'am"


Week of September 25

Monday: Oakland Tales Book Walk assignment

Thursday: Spelling test on first 10 words from 100 of the most frequently misspelled words

                Oakland Tales: Chs. 1-3 question sheet


Week of October 2

Monday: Oakland Tales Chs. 4-6 questions

Wednesday: IBWA #1 outline

Thursday: Oakland Tales Ch. 7 reflection on smarts


Week of October 9

Monday: IBWA #1 draft


Week of October 16

Week of October 23

Monday: IBWA #1 final revision

             Bring the book you read for this assignment!

Thursday: 10 word spelling/vocabulary test

                Show me your independent book #2

                Oakland Tales: Chs. 10-11 questions


Week of October 30

Monday: Show me your independent book #2

             Oakland Tales: Chs. 12-14 questions

Wednesday: Verb Boxes (in class)

Thursday: Spelling test from the 100 Words list  #s11-20

                Oakland Tales: Chs. 15-16 questions


Week of November 6

Monday: Oakland Tales Chs. 17-18 questions


Week of November 13

Wednesday: Oakland Tales  Chs. 19-20 questions

                   Show me your new independent book today and tomorrow.


Week of November 27

Thursday: Spelling test #s 21-30

                Oakland Tales Ch. 21 questions


Week of December 4

Monday: Aesop's Fables handout

Wednesday: Oakland Tales: Chs. 22, 23 questions


Week of December 11

Monday: IBWA #2 outline

Wednesday: IBWA #2 draft

Thursday: Oakland Tales: Ch. 25 questions


Week of December 18

Monday: Spelling / Vocabulary II test

Thursday: IBWA #2 Personal Letter to a Character

                Oakland Tales: Chs. 26, 27 questions (finished in class)


Week of January 8

Thursday: Personal letter to faculty / staff member



I close my gradebook at the end of the marking period's fifth week in order to process papers within the time limit.

Week of January 16

Thursday: Oakland Tales Chs. 28, 29 questions


Week of January 22

Monday: Oakland Tales  Chs. 30, 31 questions


Week of January 29

Monday: Oakland Tales Chs. 32, 33 questions

Wednesday: Oakland Tales Ch. 34 questions


Week of February 5

Earn 24 bonus points during this week and next by memorizing Wordsworth's "The Daffodils"

Deadline for "The Daffodils" memorized: February 22

Monday: Spelling test 31-40 from list of 100 


Week of February 12

Wednesday: O.T. mini-essay outline


Week of February 20

Week of February 26

Monday: O.T. final revision

Thursday: Book Jacket front inside flap draft 


Week of March 5

Monday: Book jacket back inside flap and back cover drafts

Thursday: Book Jacket

Week of March 12

Monday: The Giver  handout - Bookwalk and Chapter 1

Thursday: Show me your 4th independent book


Week of March 19

Wednesday: Spelling/Vocabulary test

Thursday: The Giver Ch. 2 questions


Week of March 26

Monday: The Giver  Ch. 3 questions


Week of April 9

Thursday: The Giver Ch. 4 and 5 questions


Week of April 16

Monday: The Giver Chs. 6 and 7 questions

Thursday: Spelling/Vocabulary IV test


Week of April 23

I don't see my 7th graders this week, again, because of SBAC. :-(

Spelling/Vocabulary test postponed to next Monday.


Week of April 30

Monday: Submit spelling/vocabulary worksheet #4

 Wednesday: Spelling/Vocabulary Test #4

                    Submit The Giver Chs. 8 and 9


Week of May 7

Monday: The Giver Chs. 12 and 13 questions

Thursday: The Giver Chs. 14 and 15 questions, 

                Read Chs. 16 and 17


Week of May 14

Monday: Independent Book Assignment - postcard

             The Giver: Chs. 16 and 17 questions

Thursday: The Giver Chs. 18 and 19 questions


Week of May 21

Monday: The Giver  Chs. 20 and 21 questions

Thursday: The Giver Chs. 22 and 23 questions

                Checking Giver Themes handout




English 8 

Week of August 21

Wednesday, Friday: Contract


Week of August 28

Monday, Tuesday: Show me your independent book, 3-ring binder with 5 labeled sections

                        �    Test on class expectations

                             6 word memoir


Week of September 5

Thursday, Friday: Themes in Literature Exercise

Finish your independent book soon!


Week of September 11

Friday - B: IBWA Outline due; we will type drafts in class following SRI....


Week of September 18

Monday - A: IBWA Outline

Tuesday - B: IBWA Draft

Wednesday -A: IBWA Draft  

Final Revision due two school (calendar) days following draft return 


Week of September 25

Monday / Tuesday: Mockingbird  Chs. 1-3 question sheet

Thursday / Friday: IBWA #1 Final Revision

              ���     Mockingbird Chs. 4-7 question sheet


Week of October 2

Monday / Tuesday: IBOP


Week of October 9

Wednesday, Thursday: Show me your independent book for the 2nd marking period  

Week of October 16

Week of October 23

Monday, Tuesday: Spelling / Vocabulary Test

Thursday, Friday: Bring independent book to class to complete IBWA outline

also Thursday/Friday: Sentence Structure Variation exercise


Week of October 30

Monday, Tuesday: IBWA draft double spaced

                            Verb Boxes


Week of November 6

November 9 (A), 13 (B): IBWA final revision


Week of November 13

Monday: IBOP #2

Thursday/Friday: Show me your 3rd independent book


Week of November 20

Thanksgiving break


Week of November 27

Monday: Reflection: IBWA #2

Wednesday/Thursday: "Much Ado" Act I questions


Week of December 4

Week of December 11

 Monday,Tuesday: IBWA #3 Outline

Thursday, Friday: IBWA #3 First Draft

Week of December 18

Monday, Tuesday: Spelling/Vocabulary Test #2

Tuesday: Last chance to submit IBWA #3 Draft


Week of January 8

Monday, Tuesday: Open-note test on "Much Ado" - Acts I and II

                            Last chance to submit Spelling/Vocabulary II Worksheet

Wednesday, Thursday: Last chance to submit on time "Much Ado" - Act III

Thursday, Friday: IBWA #3 Final Revision

Friday: Verb Packet


Week of January 15

Monday, Tuesday: IBOP



Week of January 22

Wednesday - Thursday: IBWA Reflection

                                     Show me your 4th marking period independent book


Week of January 29

Wednesday / Thursday, Friday: "Much Ado" Act IV questions

Thursday / Friday: "Much Ado" Act III open note quiz


Week of February 5

Thursday/Friday: "Much Ado" Act V questions

                           Acts IV and V open note test

Earn 24 bonus points during this week and next by memorizing Wordsworth's "The Daffodils":

Deadline: February 22 and 23


Week of February 12

Monday/Tuesday: crossword puzzle


Week of February 19

Tuesday/Wednesday: Much Ado outline

Thursday/Friday: Beauty Book: IBWA #4


Week of February 26


Wednesday/Thursday: Much Ado draft

Week of March 5

Wednesday/Friday: Show me your independent nonfiction.

Week of March 12

Wednesday: Inside Out - Read Comp questions

Week of March 19

Monday: Inside Out #3

Wednesday: Inside Out #4

Tuesday / Wednesday: Spelling/Vocabulary Test

Thursday / Friday: Much Ado final revision


Week of March 26

Tuesday: last chance to make up missed spelling/vocabulary test

              Inside Out #5

Thursday: IBWA #5 draft and outline

Week of April 9:

Thursday/Friday: IBOP #5

                           "Just Like My Mother" related poem

                            IBWA #5 final revision

                            Inside Out #6, #7


Week of April 16

Thursday/Friday: Spelling/Vocabulary IV test


Week of April 23

Monday/Tuesday: Spelling/Vocabulary test postponed to today because of SBAC

                            Show me your 6th independent book today.

Week of April 30

Monday/Tuesday: (Inside Out and Back Again) Narrative and Outline

                           Literature Circle book

Week of May 7

Monday/Tuesday: Lit circle packet

Thursday: Periods 3 and 4 - Narrative final revision

Friday: Periods 5 and 6 - Narrative final revision


Week of May 14

Monday / Tuesday: Four speeches packet

                             Lit circle packet #2

Tuesday: Period 8 - Narrative final revision


Week of May 21

Monday/Tuesday: oral presentations

Wednesday: Lit Circle Edible

                   Periods 5, 6, 8 Lit Circle essay

Thursday: Periods 3,4 Lit Circle essay