Parental Involvement

                                   Parental Involvement           

      I appreciate parental involvement; however, there are certain guidelines that I ask you to follow in this area.  These guidelines are structured to keep interruptions to a minimum, thus allowing for a more optimum learning environment. 

1.     If you choose to walk your child down to the room before school begins, please say your good-byes at the door and let your child enter and unpack independently. 

2.     If you check your child in late, check him/her in at the office and then send your child to the room. 

3.     If you pick up your child early, check him/her out in the office and wait there for your child to be sent up. 

4.     If you come to eat lunch with your child, please check in at the office.  You may wait there and join our class as we walk by going to lunch. 

5.     If you need to meet with me, please send a note and we can set up an appointment.  Conferences will be held by appointment only. 

6.     If there is anything special that you would like to do (read a book, do an art project, share a talent, etc.), please do not hesitate to let me know.  Just write me a note and we will set up a time for you to do this. 

7.     Please remember anytime that you enter the building you must check in at the office first.           

     Thanks for your cooperation.  This should cut down on interruptions and help tremendously by giving your child the best learning environment possible.