Supply List

                 THIRD GRADE SUPPLY LIST  

The following list includes most of what your child will need in third grade.  Additional supplies (pencils, crayons, paper products, glue sticks, etc.) may be needed throughout the school year. 


      10 – #2 Pencils          


      4 – packs wide ruled paper        

      1 – pack copy paper        

      2 – small (70 sheet) wide rule spiral notebooks

      2 –  plastic pocket folders without metal clasps

            (One for homework, one for seatwork)        


      2 – plastic pocket folders with metal clasps 

           (One for AR, one for Science.)       


      1 – pair scissors of good quality (Fiskars brand preferred)        


      2 – LARGE (0.88 oz) Elmer’s Glue Sticks

           (Please NO bottle or tube glue)        


      2 – LARGE box Kleenex        


      3 – rolls paper towels

           (Select-a-Size Towels are GREAT for school!)         


     1 – large size LYSOL or CLOROX type Sanitizing Wipes

      (We will use these to wipe desks often to help prevent germs.)          


       1 – zippered school pouch or small plastic school box          


       1 – bookbag  (Please NO bookbag with wheels.

         They hurt themselves and everyone else with this type!)   


     Girls:  1 - bottle liquid soap      Boys: 1 - bottle waterless soap




  $5.95 to cover the cost of your student’s Grammar workbook.    

  $5.95 to cover the cost of your student’s Spelling workbook. 

$ 11.90