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My name is Joann Watson and I teach Specialized Academic Instruction (Moderate to Severe disabilities) to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders within a Life Skills program.


The Life Skills Program is the area content that I teach. In my class students receive many Life Skills lessons within weekly themes as well as acadmemics. In the Life Skills Program we have a daily plan that gives students skills that work on independence and understanding of daily life skills topics and themes through:

  • Teacher-directed whole- and small-group instruction with the assistance hands on activities and assistive technology.
  • Integretated technology with the use of iPads, chromebooks, and visual aides for specific topics.
  • Modeled and guided practice for understanding of themed lessons.
  • Encompassing all content areas such as: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, History, Communication, Adaptive Daily Living, and Vocational skills
  • Whole group wrap up- review he theme lesson learned through direct questions



Instructional Purpose
  • Whole-Group instruction
    • Is a teacher-led instruction in order to introduce the themed life skills and check for understanding; incorporate collaboration.
  • Small-Group Differentiated Instruction
    • Teacher-led differentiated instruction on the theme broken down for more hands on practice and understanding.
  • Integrated Technology
    • Whole group lead in or visual aide to introduce the topic or theme.
  • Modeled and Guided Practice
    • Peer practice with one another, role playing the themes for added understanding
  • Whole-Group Wrap-Up
    • Student reflection on learning.



Why do I teach?

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Have Fun!
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Have Fun!
The Team at Educator Pages