My Philosophy of Technology in the Classroom

I have many thoughts on technology in the classroom. Personally I like to have technology in my classroom because I think students have more fun using technology in the classroom instead of just writing on a piece of paper. I also believe that technology does not have to be used in the classroom for every classroom assignment and that technology doesn't even have to be used every day. I think technology helps improve learning because many students need visuals when they are learning because auditory instructions are just not enough for them. I think technology should be used to improve learning for students especially since we are in an age where our students are "Very Tech Savvy" and because technology gives us information at the tip of our fingers as I've heard spoken before. I do not think technology should be used to monitor student engagement and teacher instruction in the classroom because that seems like a red flag for invasion of privacy. I think this because why cameras should be watching someone in the classroom when a teacher could just be eating her or his lunch in the classroom?  But cameras in a classroom could count as a witness if something went wrong in the classroom, help solve problems, and could even save a life.


My philosophy of integrating technology in the classroom is that I think there are some positives and negatives. Positives that I think technology brings to the classroom are that it makes learning more engaging for students and it saves more time. I think technology saves time because teachers can adapt lessons from other teachers from the internet and also there are all kinds of cool websites to use for the classroom like Brain-Pop, GoNoodle, NearPod, Google Classroom, Class Dojo, and more! Thanks to technology, students can also make videos about what they are learning and students can even learn at their own pace! I think some of the negatives of technology are that not all students have access to Wi-Fi outside of school and sometime technology and/or Wi-Fi does not always work so it is always good to have a Plan B! I think technology in the classroom is effective and it improves student learning because it is engaging for students.