There are several things that I learned this semester about intergrating technology in the classroom. I think the most important was understanding what flipped learning was. I now understand that flipped learning involves students learning at their own pace on the computer and then having time in class to work on hands on activities instead of listening to lectures.



Some new information and skills that I learned this semster that I feel will help me in my education career is knowing how to make digital stories and making games on scratch for my students. Now I know how to use these websites and i can either make them myself or even have my students make their own! I learned about a lot of different websites that I can wait to try out in the classroom, including the digital story websites.



Something that I learned this semester in my educational technology class that I would like to explore more about is already made digital stories that I can wtach from around the world.



The things that I learned about technology in the classroom have differed since I was in highschool five years ago! Now teachers have students do all kinds of the things on the computer and a bunch of schools even have a loaning system of macbooks or ipads to hand out to their students. I think technology in the classroom has gone a long way and that technology in the classroom provides students with a better learning experience.




Something that I wished that i would have learned in this clas would be how to make my own Google Classroom or how to work Nearpod. I did like this course still and everything that I did get to learn in this class seems benefical to me.




I did not like that this class was a hybrid class and I prefered it to be all online because I had a time conflict with another class and I am a student that does not like to miss class. So I had a problem with missing class and what information was said in class and was not accessable outside of class.



I think my attitude of having techmology in the classroom is the same before I had taken this class. I like using technology in the classroom because I have always found it benefical to learning. I think that using technology can help students engagement levels and help increase learning and instruction.