Intro of Unit Plan


Immigration Unit Plan



Essential Question

How does immigration impact people?







Unit Questions




1. What is immigration?

2. What does it take to be an immigrant?

3. What motivates people to leave their homeland and settle in a new place?

4. Why would someone want to move to America?

5. What is life like for an immigrant in America?

Unit Summary

Students explore the question, “how does immigration impact people”. Students consider what immigration means and why would someone want to move away from everything that they know and start over in a new place. The students pick one of the immigration groups and make a research paper over what they want to include in their presentation and they will make a Google slide over their chosen group. This unit is a PBL because the students are learning about immigration and how it is related to them. Lastly the students will make a brochure to advertise why someone would want to move to America. This is an integrated unit on immigration in the 1800s.