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SchoolCircuit Online Gradebook

Our new online gradebook has finally started! To obtain access to online records, I will have to give you a "Access Code" that I will have to request. If you plan on using this great online tool, please email me pronto!



This week is going to be easy so as long as you have scientific notation down, and have a calculator, we are check!

World Geography

Everyone needs to get that vocab done! You have a test on it Thursday or Friday (depending on what the rest of the week is like)! I will have to start enforcing the late policy for some people which is 20 points off a day!


Saw some very good grades from ya'll on the Chapter 4 test! Keep it up ya'll! We are moving on to Chapter 5 and vocabulary was already due. You have till Thursday till I will start following policy so please get it in! Also, keep up with the Lector Review sheets because the are the written test (hint hint!)! Seem's like we are rolling pretty smooth.


Homework 1.5 and 1.6 are both due Wednesday, September 22! You had time to work on it during class and at home! I may consider extended the due date but ya'll need to get that homework in! Ask friends, ask parents, then ask me! I'm here to help, because if I'm not TEACHing...then why am I called a TEACHer?


Busy busy busy! Please study for your vocabuarly tests! They are really hurting some of ya'll! We need to be reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" so we can get through it much quicker! I understand if you don't want to read it, but please, get it over with! I hope we get books everyone is intrested in so we can all read for fun and education!



- Jordan Kaderli (