Advanced Education Program (CHS)

I give you my belated greetings to the AEP program at CHS. We have already started off with a great leap and hope we keep extending our arms and dashing up that ladder of sucess. I would like to communicate with you as much as possible, and would love to cooperate with you, so below I have provided my contact information, everything I am allowed to give out. I will also have our gradebook open next six weeks because the title for this old gradebook expires this six weeks and we are transitioning to the new gradebook system. If you are intrested, the new service is called Engrade which will allow me to access via internet at any location and you to access via internet at any location your childs grades, attendance, setting charts, and other information you may need during the year.


Jordan Kaderli

4457 Main Street, Karlton, TX 77575

(936) 336-8770 x 2544