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Having only eight periods a day allow me to have only certain classes available and I have provided the periods that I have been assigned and what classes they are. If you have more questions, please view my "Contact" page. Thank you!


Period 1 and 2                         Elective Courses (Off Periods)

Period 3                                    Chemistry

Period 4                                    World Geography

Period 5                                    Biology

Period 6                                    Geometry

Period 7                                    English

Period 8                                    Elective Course


Crammer High School offers this program for students that want to excel, and these classes are not what I choose, but what I was assigned. This program will give sucessful students two science credtits, one math, one english, and one social studies. With completing this arrangement of courses, they will have a person plan created for them by the counselor for the future years.

 Intrested in our program? Let's talk! Please view my "Contact" tab for my information.