How to Secure Your Android Phone in some Easy Steps



Phones today are gold mines of personal information. They contain addresses, phone numbers, personal messages, passwords, credit cards, and a host of data that you should always try to keep to yourself. If not adequately protected, a hacker or thief can steal this information and profit from it or use it against you.

Keep Android up to date

We sometimes tend to delay updating our operating system out of laziness or lack of time, but it is nevertheless one of the most important steps to secure your phone. On Android, you will receive a notification on your phone when your phone service provider accepts an update. As soon as the message prompting you to you are strongly recommended to accept.

Every day, researchers and volunteers discover bugs and vulnerabilities in all kinds of systems included with Android. Updates are the only way to close these loopholes and prevent hackers from using them. It only takes a few minutes!

Activate the screen lock

Screen lock (New window) is the basic security measure for a mobile device. It ensures that no one can access your device without knowing your password. If you're not already using it, hurry up and activate it. Several options are available to you for the lock: a digital code, a pattern, a password, a fingerprint or facial recognition. A good password is generally considered the most secure way to protect a device. Aso take help of expert for unlock iphone.

Use Android security tools

Did you know that you can stop a thief from resetting your phone or locate your device remotely yourself? Android contains several powerful tools that help establish a solid foundation of security.

Activate two-step verification

Two-step validation (New window) is a security measure seen as increasingly essential on the web. While it does not completely eliminate the risk of hacking, it aims to keep them as low as possible while being quick and easy to use. Several methods exist, including receiving a unique code by text message, using an authentication application or even using a security key. Since most Android users connect their Google account to their device, it is important to protect this account using two-step verification.

Do a security check

Google offers a security audit service (New window) very easy to use. This shows you in particular on which devices you are connected and which applications have access to your Google data. It also allows you to choose methods of unlock Samsung phone, in case any suspicious activity is detected.

Check app permissions

For example, Skype must have your explicit permission to use your phone's camera and microphone.

These permissions remain valid forever unless you revoke them or uninstall the app. It is therefore recommended to check the permissions (New window) occasionally to make sure the list reflects your intentions.

Be aware, however, that the features may harm some apps if you remove permissions from them. An application linked to weather forecasts could lose its ability to display the weather forecast, according to your geographical position if you remove its access to relocation.