a335 p5 Pipe

Things You Need To Know About Sanitary Pipes


A335 pipes have different kinds of pipes that are available under this grade. A335 pipes refer to the whole branch of pipes. These pipes are used in many sectors as they are responsible for being highly corrosion and heat resistant. They are thermally protected due to the chemical composition they are made up of. So, the various usage of these pipes can be in welding as they can be molded into different shapes. Other operations like flanging are also [possible. In these pipes, the P stands for grade or quality. The various pipes under this huge range of pipes are mentioned below:



  1. a335 p5 PIPE


a335 p5 pipe are present for very important works such as welding, bending, and manufacturing flanges. They have other usages as they have a high strength of pressure bearing. The steel with which it is made up of provides power and durability. They are very tough because of the powerful material with which it is made up of.



  1. a335 p9 pipe


The size of the a335 p9 pipe ranges from 0.15 inches to 42 inches. The tensile power of these pipes is415 Mpa, and the power of elongation of these pipes is1.5. 



Hastelloy C276 Pipe


They are used in the industries for its heat repellent quality. Thus they have a high demand for oil refinery and refinery plants.



  1. 3. a335 p11 pipe


The size of the pipes ranges from 0.125 inches to 42 inches. The pipes have a great tensile power of 415 Mpa. The elongation is 1.5. the yield strength is the same as 205 Mpa.

a335 p11 pipe the pipes that have superior chemical composition. It is because of this reason they have to enjoy tensile strength. 



  1. a335 p12 pipe


These pipes are available in all the options as per the client requirements. They can be easily molded into different dimensions and shapes.


Since they are on the higher grade, a335 p12pipe can be used for different vital purposes in industries. With the tensile strength of 420 min, they can be easily trusted.


  1. a335 p22 pipe


a335 p22 pipe is used in petrochemical industries for it’s higher grade. They can be put into different uses in these industries because of the higher proportion of quality materials. 



  1. a335 p91 pipe


a335 p91 pipe available in the market as well. They have a huge demand in oil and gas manufacturing plants. With such high molybdenum and chromium percentages, they are usable in different projects. Thus, they can be employed in different areas with high elastic quality of pipes in demand.





Other than a335 pipes, the API 5L pipes are also available. The most common of them is API 5L X52.


Other types of pipes are also available in the Indian industry. The pipes highly trusted for their durability and warranty period are the stainless steel pipes or SS pipes. Many SS sanitary tube suppliers are there in the Indian market that supplies many stainless steel pipes. There are other SS square manufacturers in India that are also present.