properties of stainless steel

The extraordinary properties of stainless steel




Stainless steel is used a lot, but do you know where it comes from and what are its characteristics? Let's go for some explanations on stainless steel!


1. Stainless steel: a resistant alloy

It resists very high temperatures, and in addition to that, it does not release any toxic fumes. This is why it is often found in kitchens; it is a perfect and very suitable product.


a335 p11 pipe is constantly protected by a passivation layer of chromium oxide which forms naturally over its entire surface when chromium combines with humidity in the air. This is what makes it very resistant to corrosion.


IS 1239 YST 355 1/2 black Pipe


2. Stainless steel and its perfect hygiene

The API 5L X52 is hygienic; indeed, the corrosion resistance allows it to withstand the assaults of dietary fat, for example, through the famous protective layer that is reconstituted to air.


There are different types of stainless steel; the most commonly used are 304L and 316L (marine stainless) food compatible. These are the ones we find in professional kitchens.


3. Stainless steel is a trendy and designer material

Yes, a335 p9 pipe is trendy; this element with its metallic design and visuals goes perfectly with interior and exterior kitchen and garden decorations.


Different stainless steel finishes exist such as raw, shiny, brushed, leather texture, corked. With each of these finishes, you can realize your decorative or DIY project, such as a designer shelf or splash back, for example.


4. Ultra-simple stainless steel maintenance

Stainless steel is relatively easy to clean with a simple sponge and a little daily cleaning product. There is a special stainless steel cleaning product for professionals and maniacs.

You should still remember to clean it regularly to get rid of the dirt that can reduce its resistance level. Cleaning with each use is more than sufficient. Here is our article on how to clean a stainless steel splashback.


5. Stainless steel is easily recyclable

It is unalterable and above all has no impact on the environment, it can be in contact with water, it will not reject any substances that could alter the composition of the water.


6. Fire resistance

The latest tragedies linked to badly designed facades and using flammable/combustible materials have made it possible to wipe out the methods used to assess fire behaviour. Stainless steel turns out to be a great choice when looking at the material's intrinsic behaviour compared to other fasteners on the market. It is easy to highlights the comparison of the compared characteristic resistances of stainless steel and that of common aluminium used in fixing, depending on the increase in temperature.


7. Corrosion resistance

The resistance of stainless steel is a guarantee of longevity. Neither its mechanical properties nor its appearance is altered when get in touch with other metals. The lasting lustre of the fittings of the yachts sleeping in marinas is proof of this.


Since the fixings are invisible, their ageing is hidden. Stainless steel retains its structural qualities at least as long as the facing.