Monday, 2/14:

Get prospectus signed

Read 30 minutes

Tuesday, 2/15:

Pg. 199, #11-22

Make up parts of speech sentence and illustrate

Wednesday, 2/16:

Pg. 219, #1-12

Make 3 fractions and draw a picture to go with the. Make sure to include the "left out number"

Read 20 minutes

Thursday, 2/17:

Go to http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/fractions.html and click on "Fractions of a number (easy)" and "Fractions of a Number, Part 2 (easy)". Print and solve.

Read 30 minutes and print out the PS chart which can be found on the "Parent Signature" the site. Obviously, get a Parent Signature.

Friday, 2/18:

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!! Cool

Read 45 minutes with PS