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My Resume

Kaitlyn Wilson

1755 Saylor School Road Boswell, PA 15531


Employment Objective

Dedicated and self-motivated individual seeking a long-term position as a middle/high school English teacher that will allow me to enhance and contribute my teaching skills to guide students' development and education.

Education _________________________________________________________

Murray State University Murray, KY

Bachelors of Art in Secondary English Education

Dean’s List — Major GPA: 4.0 — Overall GPA: 3.62

August 2012 – December 2016

Notable Courses:

  • Creative Writing, British Literature, American Literature, Standard English Usage, Shakespeare, Teaching English, Writing, and Literature in Secondary Schools, Evaluation and Measurement in Education, Structures and Foundations of Education, Educating Students with Disabilities, Psychology of Human Development, English Linguistics, Comedy and Satire


  • Creating engaging tasks, assignments, activities, and assessments
  • Delivering instruction
  • Computer skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Google Docs
  • Effective communication with students, teachers, and parents
  • Organizing, managing, planning
  • Creating lesson plans and unit plans
  • Reflecting on instruction
  • Leading discussion in class
  • Critical/higher order thinking
  • Time management


  • Pennsylvania Certified        English 7-12
  • Kentucky Certified              English 8-12

Teaching Experience:

The Learning Lamp February 2017- present

  • Performs all duties requested by administration
  • Follows teacher’s instructions and lesson plans
  • Directs student learning to meet curriculum objectives
  • Maintains classroom environment
  • Encourages and promotes student progress
  • Implements all rules and policies regarding student conduct
  • Interacts and works cooperatively with all school personnel
  • Concludes evaluations and daily reports

Calloway County High School August 2016- December 2016

  • Student teaching which consisted of five days a week/eight hours a day
  • Facilitated learning using student-centered lessons and activities for honors freshman and traditional sophomores (English)
  • Created activities that show the relationship between reading and writing concepts and everyday life to engage and motivate students
  • Completed units over the novels Lord of the Flies, A Separate Peace, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Odyssey
  • Completed Shakespeare units over The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  • Completed a short story unit as well as a poetry unit
  • Differentiated instruction for gifted students, students with disabilities, and students with individualized education plans
  • Established an acceptable classroom climate with appropriate behavior
  • Created lesson plans, unit plans, and various activities
  • Assisted students with preparation for standardizes tests
  • Implemented co-teaching strategies with a cooperating teacher
  • Incorporated technology into instruction as well as students’ learning activities
  • Attended Parent-teacher Conference, Professional Learning Committee meetings, and Administration Code Training


Practicum Experience:

E.W. Grove School: February 2016- April 2016

  • Practicum which consisted of 90 hours in the classroom
  • Observed and co-taught a ninth grade English/Language Arts class with cooperating teacher
  • Taught four lesson plans to the class
  • Attended Site-Based Decision Making Council meetings and School Board meetings

Marshall County High School August 2015- December 2015

  • Practicum which consisted of 40 hours in the classroom
  • Observed and co-taught an eleventh grade AP Language and Composition class with cooperating teacher
  • Taught four lesson plans to the class
  • Attended English Professional Learning Community meetings
  • Attended Family Nights assisting and interacting with students and families

Other Experience:

Project Mentor- Tutor at Murray State (January 2016- May 2016)

  • Tutored students with disabilities seven hours a week
  • Helped students with assignments, papers, and studying
  • Aided in task and time management

Civilian Marksmanship Program – Camp counselor/ rifle coach (Summers 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Taught gun safety to junior shooters
  • Taught and discussed the shooting sport with junior shooters
  • Guided and coached junior shooters on proper techniques and procedures
  • Served as a Range Safety Officer during practices and matches
  • Communicated with coaches and parents

Tutoring- Tutor at Main Street Youth Center (August 2015- December 2015) & (February 2016- April 2016)

  • Tutored students in all subjects
  • Assisted elementary and high school students complete homework
  • Aided in task and time management



Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society       

Commissioner's Honor Roll

National Council of Teachers of English

Dean’s List

Murray State University Rifle Team



Mrs. Jill Herndon, 270-293-0190

Mr. Dave Koba, 814-248-8016

Mrs. Deborah Bell, 270-809-4725

Ms. Sommer Wood, 419-341-5248

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