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Welcome to Second Grade!

I am so excited to began another school year with all of you. Now that you are second graders you have more independence and will be tackling harder material, but we will take it step by step and grasp these concepts with ease. In my classroom we will be taking standards that need to be taught and put a fun twist on them so that you will be excited to learn. I want to make learning fun and exciting for all of you.

Students will be graded on their effort, endurance to not give up, and how well they understood and grasp the concept they were being taught. Grades will be inputted on Friday's in aeries portal. Feel free to check them and ask any questions you may have. 

Extra Credit:

Each week on the homework packets I will offer a way to receive extra credit for that week. It is optional, but if you do it then you will receive extra points. 

Second Grade Standards:

Some second grade standards will consist of;

  • Using expression
  • Artistic Perception
  • Historical and cultural context
  • Reading comprehension
  • Speaking and listening
  • Language skills
  • Solve real-world problems
  • Defend and explain answers

Classroom behavior Expectations & Rules:

  • Be kind & Respectful
  • Always follow directions
  • Listen while others are talking
  • Raise your hand to answer a question, ask a question, or make a statement


  • Facial & verbal correction
  • Losing points on point sheet
  • Loss of recess & being removed from area
  • Parents & Principal (if needed) notified

Reward System:

FUN FRIDAYS (which go on after lunch)~

  • Watch a movie
  • Play games
  • Free time outside or inside
  • Store/Treasure box

How my reward system works is each week I give you all a certain amount of points that have to be reached on your point sheet by the end of the week. If you receive the amount of points you will be able to participate in the Fun Friday activities. If you do not enough points then you will have the chance to check up on unfinished work, late work, and practice sheets. Each week the number of points that have to be reached will get higher and change. 

Tardiness & Late Work:

  • If you are absent you will receive the number of days you were gone to complete your work
  • If you forgot to do an assignment you will be given until that Friday. If it is not turned in I will not accept it. 
  • If you are tardy you need to check in with the front office and receive a slip. 
  • After 5 tardies we will sit down with parents, students, and myself to figure out a solution so there is no more tardies. 

Extra Help:

Parents if your child needs extra help I am available every other Friday in the mornings. If you would like your child to come send me an email and we will get it started. The extra help time would be from 7:30am to 8:00am. 





       ~ Dr. Seuss

Miss Kalee Schoepflinheart