What's Happening

What we will be dealing with this week in our room is getting adjusted, creating class rules, getting into a routine, and getting to know one another. 

As a class I want us all to sit together and discuss what rules will be acceptable to have in the classroom. Working as a team will help us understand more of what is expected of us and why. 

We will have routines that will be practiced all week, so we can get the hang of how to do things. 

Week 1 Homework:

  • Read for 20 minutes 
  • Go over class contract and both parent and student sign it
  • Get library and computer lab papers signed 
  • Tell your parents one thing new that you learned or what your favorite part of the day was. 
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Write down what you tell your parents and bring it in to schol.

Homework Expectations:  

  • Turned in on the required day
  • Done in pencil unless otherwise stated in directions
  • Fullly completed
  • Completed neatly