Agenda Planners and Friday Folders

Agenda Planners:

Each week students will be provided with an agenda planner sheet that should be utilized to write down their homework during the week. Students must return the agenda planner page signed by a family member the following day, which allows me to check that someone has seen what homework they must complete that evening. If the agenda planner is not signed, they will receive a warning for the day. The warning is handed out, because I am encouraging students to be organized and responsible for completing all work. The agenda planners are checked every morning as the students walk in, so please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns in the comment box. I will do my best to either call or respond via agenda planner as soon as possible.

Friday Folders:

Friday Folders are sent home every Friday evening, and they must be returned signed by a family member the following Monday. Each student receives a citizenship grade in their Friday Folder, which is a calculation of their behavior and turning in completed homework during that week. If there are any concerns or celebrations I may have, I will leave the comment in the comment box. Also, if a family member has a question, comment, or concern, please feel to also leave a note in the comment box provided. Finally, please look through the paper inside the folder, because not only is there student work located in the folder, but there are also important school forms and newsletters for the family members to read.