Our Classroom Website

     Welcme to Mrs.Alfred's Kindergarten


1. Go to classlink.com

2. Click on "login"

3.Type in Blanchard Elementary and click on the school. 

4. You will then be brought to a Blue Caddo Classlink Log in page. 

5. Your child's username is first and last initials followed by their student ID with no leading zeros. (This ID can be found on your child's report card.) Password is UPPERCASE initials with birthday with no leading zeros (Example:  292013)

6. Login and then go to the Google Classroom App 

7. To log in to Google Classroom, your child's log in is first and last initial with student ID plus @my.caddoschools.org, Password is going to be the same password as above. 

8. Then you will see Blanchard Elementary Kindergarten. Click Join! (It will have Kara Alfred listed on this class, that is the class you want to join.)  If it asks for a class code: 46x7p6b

9. All Blanchard Kindergarten students from all three classes (Alfred, Davis, Thompson/ Foster) will be on ONE Google Classroom and will be doing all the same assignments. 

10. If you are a student/parent in Mrs. Foster's Class (AKA- Mrs. Thompson's class) and have any questions-Please contact Candance Foster at cfoster@caddoschools.org 

11. Please join Google Classroom by Monday, March 23rd. Thank you!!! 



Please check our class dojo account for all updates!!!! 

This week for "distant learning" please work on the packet of work that was sent home last Friday. 

My office hours are Monday-Friday from 9-12

Ways to contact me: 

  • Dojo Message
  • Email: kbalfred@caddoschools.org
  • Cell phone (This number is on our google classroom page) 



What if my child doesn’t know how to log-on to
Google Classroom, ClassLink, Zearn, etc.

Google Docs
Caddo Home Learning Resources - Parents & Students
What if my child's login information does not

1. Make sure you have followed all directions in the STUDENT LOGIN HELP document below.
2. If you are still unable to login, click the Virtual Help Desk Assistance Form below. Complete the
form and click submit. You will be contacted with assistance.
Google Docs
Virtual Help Desk Assistance Request Form
How can I contact my child's teacher?
All teachers will have daily virtual office hours when they will be available. The office hours are posted at
the top of the Classwork section in Google Classroom. They are also posted on their classroom website.
How will students continue learning at home?
Students will be using Google Classroom to access assignments and activities provided by their
teachers. Teachers are attending classes this week to learn more about using Google Classroom and
the resources that are available to them for distance learning. They will be setting up their classrooms
and preparing on-line assignments. Many teachers have already posted some fun activities and
assignments for students to get acquainted with the platform. Officially, students will not begin online

assignments until Monday, April 6th. If your child's teacher has not posted assignments, they will be
posted by April 6th.
What if my child does not have a device to
access the online content?

Devices will be available for check-out on Monday, March 30 – Wednesday, April 1 from 10 AM – 1 PM.
Only one device will be distributed per family. If you need a device for your household, the survey below
must be completed.
At-Home Learning Technology Survey
How will my child be graded?
We are awaiting guidance from CPSB. Students need to take their Google Classroom assignments
seriously and complete their work. Communication with your child's teacher is key.
Will students have to make up the missed days?
The current guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education and BESE is that the
minutes-needed requirement has been waived.
Will students still take the LEAP 2025 Test?
As of this time, all state tests are scheduled as planned. A request for a waiver has been sent to the
USDOE from the LDOE. State testing is part of the ESSA plan and can not be waived by the states
without federal permission.
What if I need help with breakfast and lunch.
Information can be found in the link below. Blanchard Elementary is one place you can come to get
breakfast and lunch. However, you do not have to come to BES to get meals. You can pick them up
from the school on the list that is located closest to your home.



Tricky Words

These are words that have to be memorized or learned by sight.  They cannot be sounded out:

a        the            I            of                 

one      two        are           out            funny

when    word         down       why         all

three   blue           little         to              no

yellow   look           why         where      so

New Words: 




Email address


School Website:



School Phone: 318-929-2691

Classroom Phone: 318-364-3321


Available Conference Times:

 1:15-2:00 or 3:30-4:00