Supply List

School Supplies

 needed for

               Mrs. Kaliher’s Class

Personal Supplies

6 pencils (already sharpened please)

2 erasers

scissors (Fiskars)

box of 24 crayons

set of dry erase markers

hand held pencil sharpener (one that holds the shavings)

colored pencils

zippered pouch (to hold supplies)

composition book

2 novelty pocket folders –   (Incredibles, Disney, sports, puppies, etc.)

Tatum Ridge vinyl folder  - will be used as Homework Folder- 

Please be sure it is returned to school every day beginning the first day of school.

$5.00 donation – (to cover the cost of Primary Journal and other specific supplies pre-purchased by Mrs. Kaliher)

headphones to be used with computers (not earbuds)


**Please be sure all above items are labeled with your child’s name.



Community Supplies – (shared among the class)

tissues                      character band-aids

Wet Ones wipes            ziplock bags – gallon, sandwich, or snack size 

glue sticks                 reward stickers


**Please bring all supplies on Thursday, August 8 to ‘Meet Your Teacher’ so that you can help your child orgainize their desk.


J Thanks for everything!! J