Mrs. Kaminski's First Grade

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Mrs. Kaminski's Class


Hello and Welcome to the class website.  I will update this website weekly for upcoming events and homework.  There will be information listed that includes school events, too. 

Please make sure that you read every night to your child.  As you read to them, have them read to you (alternate pages in the book you are reading).  This will help you to see what I see in the classroom.  The more reading that the students do, the more it will help with their own reading.  

Please respect the rules of my classroom as they pertain to parents.  I will not bend the rules, as how am I teaching your children to follow them if you expect me to?  How are you teaching your child to follow rules this way?  

If there are any issues with your child during the school day (behavior, or otherwise), that you need to be made aware of, I will address it to you in an email.  If you do NOT hear from me, please know that your child is working, and completing tasks as assigned through the class day.

Notes on Meetings

If you need to meet with me (for ANY reason), please email me to set this up.  I appreciate any meeting about classroom issues come to me directly, as I am the one in the classroom with your child.  If you see their grades are falling, please contact me.  My way of communicating your child's progress is through Teacherease.  Please check it weekly (as I update grades once a week).  

Information on Illness

When your child is not feeling well, please listen to them.  If they are ill, please keep them home. A call needs to be made to the office to report the absence.  Please remember, any illness where your child is out of school for 3 or more days, your child needs to return with a doctor note.  

I am requesting that you make sure your child eats breakfast.  There are so many times daily that I get a child telling me that their belly hurts.  They don't all understand that this is hunger.  I do ask if they ate breakfast.  They do tell me when they do, and when they don't.  As much as I try to keep something in the classroom to assist with this (snacks), sometimes I run out.  I do send them to the bathroom before I ask if they ate. 

School Supply Request

We are in need of the following supplies for the class: CLOROX Wipes, Pencils.  Some children are in need of crayons.  Please ask your child about their personal crayons.

School Rule on Shoes/Belts

No one should be wearing gym shoes with the school uniform.  If your child is wearing these to school, please make the change to dress shoes.  Uniform violation notices will go home next week if this continues.

Belts are to be worn daily when belt loops are present in the bottoms.


Note about Class Rules

Please know that I am very cautious about behaviors in the classroom.  I do not allow anything to take place in the classroom that could allow for injury,  IF your child is caught swinging between desks, or hanging on the bar in the closet area, they will lose recess for the remainder of the school week.  This has been a rule since the beginning of the school year.

Please remember that your child's assignment notebook needs to be signed nightly (except for the weekend).  I check daily for signatures. On the weekends, I send your child's weekly folder home.  It is expected that a signature be placed on the paper in the Friday folder.  This is checked on Mondays.  If no signature on the Friday folder, just as the assignment book, your child will lose recess.  This is NOT a new rule.  I just feel that this needs to be mentioned.  It seems like there are more forgetful instances and this is the class rule (ALL students know this).

Please be mindful of drop off during the morning.  I am requesting that you do not drop your child off at the 1st grade door.  They are to be with their classmates until the bell rings.  Then all students are allowed to their classrooms together.  


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Upcoming School Events 

06/05/17 - FIELD DAY

06/07/17 - LAST DAY  10:30am Dismissal

Classroom Events 

There are NO spelling words for the remainder of the year.  Our reading series is completed. 


06/05/17 – Field Day – wear SPIRIT WEAR (gym clothes with St. Mary on it).  School is providing a hot dog lunch.  Please send a drink to school for your child.  If they will not eat a hot dog, please send bag lunch.

06/06/17 - FREE COLOR DAY. We will be having pizza for lunch (provided by Mrs. Kaminski). If your child will not eat pizza, please send a disposable lunch with them.

06/07/17 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. This is a regular uniform day. Dismissal is at 10:30am from Church. Students will be released after awards.  Report cards will be going home as well as a RED folder that has their summer homework in it.  This needs to be returned to Ms. Ruby on the first day of school.



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Supplies Needed for Classroom Use:

Book bag

2 packs of #2 pencils (YELLOW ONLY)

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

2 glue sticks

4 two pocket folders-1 RED

4 boxes of Kleenex-one each quarter

4 packages of Clorox wipes

4 rolls paper towels- one each quarter

1 pencil pouch

1 pair pointed scissors

2 dry erase markers

1 Primary Journal Creative Story Tablet for grades K-2

2 Yellow Highlighters

Please replace items as needed!


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Class Rules:

Classroom Procedures:


IN/OUT – Please know that there is one way in and one way out of the classroom.  This is for safety reasons. 

Attendance – When you come in the classroom, pull your attendance stick so I know you are here.  These sticks are to be placed in the bucket by the attendance board in the classroom.  Please when your child is absent, you MUST call in to the office that day.  If you do not, your child will have an UNEXCUSED absence for the day.  This means that ANY work that was completed in the classroom (tests too), will need to be completed by the child, but they will receive a zero (0) in my grade book as per school policy.

Homework – There will be homework every night.  It will be based on a skill that was taught during the school day, or a review of skills previously taught.  Reading nightly is ALWAYS expected to be completed in addition to written homework. 

In the event that class work is not completed during any time given in class, it must be completed as homework.

ALL homework MUST HAVE student’s name on top.  If name is not on homework, student will not be given credit.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

I will not give out any extra copies of homework!

Pencils – No student will be allowed to sharpen pencils while I am teaching!!

There are two buckets for pencil exchanges to be made.  You need to put your DULL pencil in to trade for a SHARP pencil.

Only the student assigned to pencil helper is allowed to use the pencil sharpener.  Sharpening will take place at a given time, generally end of the day.

Backpacks/Coats/Lunches from Home – ALL personal items are to be put in the closet area in the morning.  No one will be allowed to access their items unless it is lunch time or the end of the day.  ALL items for class should be taken out of their backpacks first thing in the morning.

Lunch Money – ALL lunch money should be put in an envelope daily.  No loose money allowed.  There is no credit extended for lunches.  Envelopes are to be placed in the bin on my desk first thing.

Absences/Make Up Work – We all want our children to be healthy, but in the event that they are not, please keep them home.  When children don’t feel well, they don’t learn and they risk spreading germs to others in the class.

When students return to class from illness, they will have the same number of days to complete missed work as the amount of days absent (example: sick for 3 days, have 3 days to complete work).

In the event of a missed test, this will be made up the day they return. 

Uniform – Please follow uniform policy as in school handbook.  Any violations will be addressed.  Please make sure that a belt is worn when there are belt loops on the pants.  Also, gym shoes are to be worn ONLY on gym and color days.  They are not allowed when wearing uniform pants.

Book Policy – Students should ALWAYS have a book at their desk.  This eliminates walking around when others are still working.  Any student who is able to complete their work quickly will be required to read QUIETLY at their desk.

Games – Games are in the classroom for class use.  Students have access to some games to use during indoor recess.  Other games are available to use during class time, as instructed.

Sleep/Eat – Just as sickness does not aid in the learning process, neither does lack of sleep or nutrition.  My suggestion is students in first grade should be in bed by 8pm every school night.  This gives them at least 10 hours of sleep per night, and that’s what their bodies and brains need.  Please make sure that students eat prior to coming to school.  They need to have something in their systems to wake their bodies up.  No heavy sugars though.

Birthdays – We all want to celebrate our special day, but be mindful of the sugar being pumped into these little bodies.  Please NO heavy, sugary snacks.  I would like to suggest if bringing cupcakes, please send the mini cupcakes.  Other suggestions are: individual bags of pretzels, goldfish crackers, animal crackers. 

Job Chart – Students will be assigned jobs weekly.  They will be responsible for their duties daily, or as needed. 

My desk/bookcase – Anything on or around my desk is OFF LIMITS to ALL students.  No one should be around my desk looking for anything without my permission.

Communication – I will send out communications as needed via email.  Please make sure that I have your correct email address.  Generally, I send out a weekly email of upcoming events.    

Weekly Take Home folder – every Friday, a red folder will go home which will have all the students graded papers from the previous week.  It is to be signed by the parent and returned on Monday.  If this is not completed, your child loses recess for the day.

Questions – Please feel free to email me with questions.  I will answer within 24 hours.  My email is .

Assignment Notebook –  There will be an assignment book for your child to keep track of homework, tests, important information.  This book will need to be signed nightly (even when no homework is assigned).  Students are to bring this back and it will be checked EVERY morning.  If this is not signed, your child will lose recess.  This is also a way for you to communicate with me.  You can write notes to me and they will be answered that day!

No Name Policy – Students are required to put their name and number (which will be assigned) on all their papers.  If I receive any paper without a name/number combination, they will lose 2 points, it will be posted so they can receive the balance of points due to them - provided they claim the paper and put the missing information on it.  If it is not claimed by the student, and returned with their name and number on it, they will receive a 0 (zero) in my grade book.

Test Taking Policy - Any child who talks during a test will be given 1 warning.  If they continue the behavior after the warning, they will be given a 0 (zero) on the test.  An email will be sent to the parent, and the test will be sent home that day, noting a 0 - talking during test - please sign and return (next class day date will be noted on the paper).  

Sight Word List - Students are given 1 sight word list booklet (List 1 - 11) at the beginning of school year.  If your child loses it, there is a fee imposed of $3 (covers cost of supplies and time to remake).  However, in the event that this fee needs to be paid, it will be going to the charity of the month.  I am trying to teach your child responsibility.  It is their responsibility to make sure that they have this book for the ENTIRE school year.  They are to turn it in to me weekly when they are tested over the list of the week. When they pass the test, they will be given a sticker in the box on the cover for that list. 

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Links - this is the Math website.  If you need your child's log in information, please email me! - this is a game website that the kiddos enjoy during free time



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A Few of My Favorite Things...

Color – turquoise

Candy – anything chocolate/swedish fish

Sport – hockey (Chicago Blackhawks!)

Animal – dolphin

Disney character – Tinkerbell