The Brain Stem

The Functions Of The Brain Stem

The Brain Stem is the is located at the back of your head,directly beneath the Cerebellum. The Brain Stem connects the brain to the spinal cord. The Brain Stem is reponsible for functioning the things your body needs to survive,such as digesting food, and controling your involuntary muscles(muscles that work automatically;your beating heart is an example of the use of involuntary muscles). This part of your brain also processes messaged sent to the brain from the body.For example: if your hand touches hot water,your body sends a message to your brain (which is processed through the Brain Stem) and your brain tells your body to move your hand out of the hot water.

Different Parts Of The Brain Stem

 The Brain Stem consists of three parts. They are called the midbrain,pons, and medulla. The Pons is in charge of sensory analysis(how well you comprehend something). Your medulla operates major body functions like your liver.Your midbrain functions your hearing and and body movement.

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