Welcome To 11th Grade History!!

Hello students and parents and welcome to U.S. History at Pacific Hight school in room 10!! My name is Kyle Kamstra and I will be your teacher for the year! In this class we will be learning all about American history! I look forward to a very fun and interesting year!!


There will be a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance on January 15th, Please get all permission slips signed and returned to me if you want to go! No exceptions if you don't bring me back your permission slip!!

Midterm exam is coming up on December 17th, just before the break. Make sure you study hard and focus so you can have a relaxing winter break with friends and family!

Final Projects are also due on the 15th of december, be sure not to forget!! You will hav a hard tiome passing the class if these are not done and turned in to me! 

We are also doing a food drive for the needy during break if anyone wishes to volunteer their time and give back to the community! I will be there so you wont be alone!

Winter break starts on the 20th, so there will be no school until the new year! have a wonderful Christmas break and a happy new year!

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"

- John F. Kennedy

What is this class about?

11th grade history is all about American history and its place in the world! From our humble beginnings as rebels who wanted to govern themselves as they saw fit, to now the powerhouse that is now a major world power, this is the story of how America came to be. We will be covering everything from the first landing and discovery of the americas, the settlement of the new world, the revolution, the civil war, both world wars, the depression, the industrial revolution, all the way into the twenty first century! We will be learning about events, people, things, ideas, politics, and how they all relate to each other and why it matters now! So lets buckle up for an adventure in time by learning about our past! 


All homework is to be completed on time and turned in on the due date. There are no exceptions. If you do happen to turn in an assignment late, I will deduct a half a letter grade on the assignment for everyday that it is late. You have been warned!!!

Links: Engrade - This is where students and parents can log on to see their grades and the scores on assignments!

Have Fun!
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