1 8:00am 8:56am
2 9:01am 9:57am
3 10:12am 11:08am
4 11:13am 12:16pm
LUNCH 12:16pm 12:46pm
5 12:51pm 1:47pm
6 1:52pm 2:48pm


Classroom Rules:

1. Treat everyone with respect. This is a classroom built for learning and a good learning environment is a respectable one.

2. Only water is allowed in my classroom. anything else must be kept in their bags or outside. I DO NOT WANT ANTS

3. Cellphones are not to be used in class unless stated otherwise by me. Only acceptable uses will be determined if I deem it appropriate for schoolwork.

4. Homework. Each day homework is not turned in on time will receive half a letter grade deducted form that assignment. DONT TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS LATE.

5. Absolutely no stealing materials wether they be mine of another peers. Anything that is stolen, the perpetrator will be dealth with accordingly.

6. Students who cannot act in a mature manner during class may be asked to leave or change seats as to not disturb others who are trying to learn.


Grade Check- Engrade

I encourage you parents to check your child's grades pretty consistently. This website allows you and your child to check their grade, their assignments, and how they're doing in the class overall. It is an extremely useful website that keeps, you, your child, and myself accountable for all grading. If there are issues with the grades, please email me and we can discuss the issue and change any discrepancies that might arise from human error. Thank you.




My Teacher wish list:

Pens, Paper, Pencils, Markers, Backpacks, Snacks, Erasers, Notebooks, Daily Planners, Tape, and any other item that you may think help benefit students in my class, as all resources will go to them!


Useful Parent Links:

Netsmartz- This is a very useful link that gives info to parents about the dangers that exist online and some of the precautions that parents can take to ensure the safety of themselves and their child online.

Khan Academy- This is one of the greater resources that i have come across in my schooling that not only appeals to students but parents as well. This website has lessons, teachings and problems for almost every subject in school. There are also helpful narratives and lessons that walk you through problems, there are also videos that teach as well. It is nice to visit this site to see what your child is doing in class and you can understand the material as well as your child.

Identity Guard- This is yet another website geared for safeguarding students on internet safety. It gives helpful commentary on the tips necessary to be safe online for yourself and for your child's safety.