Tenerife attractions

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During the summer season vacations, one of the favored destinations for many people in the Island Tour Tenerife. The Canary Islands are among the heavens that Spain has and provides a lot of tasks to carry out throughout the vacation period. From the beach to the hill with watercraft routes, unique cuisine, and desire spots.

One of the islands with the most increase of vacationers, both national as well as global, has throughout the year in Tenerife. It videotapes a total complete in its resorts throughout the high season of the year. During the reduced season, resort reservations also reflect good numbers. From Bekia Viajes, we introduce every little thing that tourists who travel to Tenerife should do and decide to spend a trip that surpasses sunbathing on among the island's lots of beaches. You can utilize the facilities provided by Tenerife guided tours .

The Teide

The very first point that all vacationers must do throughout their Day Trips in Tenerife is to take the auto and also technique the Teide. There are hiking routes to get to know the area, and you can reach the top by cord auto. Those who choose to climb to the top might contemplate the area of this island of the Canary Islands and will certainly see other islands from over such as:

Gran Canaria

La Gomera

The Palm

The iron

The laurel forests of Anaga

In the Anaga Rural Park are the most striking and magnificent landscapes of Tenerife. The fog early in the morning and the sunlight's rays attempting to pass through the trees make this place wonderful. Within the laurel forests, there are numerous hiking trails advised for all those that like nature. Among the best known is the Path of the Senses that leaves from Cruz del Carmen.

The sea of clouds

Among one of the most fantastic sensations of the island of Tenerife and also all the Canary Islands is called the sea of clouds, which can be seen when reaching the Teide National Park. At one factor, the clouds are below, and the wind winds make it seem that there is a sea of clouds below our feet. Unique sights that just the Canary Islands offer.

See whales as well as dolphins in freedom

Among the possibilities used by the island of Tenerife is to be able to see whales and dolphins in liberty. It is a boat path that leaves from the various ports. There are resident populations of bottlenose dolphins as well as tropical calder n in the Canary Islands, so it is typical to be able to see these 2 pets through directed courses.

The Millenary Drago

In the north of Tenerife is Icod de Los Vinos. It is not one of the most attractive town on this island of the Canary Islands, but it does have a very unique "citizen" of the island. It's regarding the Millenary Drago. This tree is among the piece de resistances of Tenerife as well as is a must for all those individuals that take a trip for the very first time.