Everyday Math

Everyday Math 
NOTE: you will need to copy and paste the websites posted below into your browser in order to access the links.  
Here are links to a great teacher's website in Chicago. He took the time to upload some great information, however only the math links apply to Philadelphia's curriculum. You can use these links to print HomeLinks, play games and to get some extra review. Please take the time to check it out! We think you will find it extremely helpful!
http://www.mrnale.com/Math_Activities_Grade_3.htm  - Games & activities
http://www.mrnale.com/Manipulatives.htm - Online manipulatives 
http://www.mrnale.com/Homelinks.htm- HomeLinks 
http://www.mrnale.com/Family_Letters.htm- Family Letters
http://www.mrnale.com/Review_Packets.htm- GREAT REVIEW PACKETS FOR EACH UNIT! 
http://www.mrnale.com/Favorite_Links_Mathematics.htm - good math links for practice at home
This is a link to another wonderful website. Students and parents can go here to play games while practicing important math skills. The games are aligned with the lessons the children are working on in school. Some of the links may be broken, but most are up and running and will provide excellent reinforcement for students! Please take the time each week to go online to check out these games and activities!
Here is another great website filled with games, activities and manipulatives. Like, the other websites, each game corresponds with a lesson. Some of the links are broken, but most work perfectly and will be another great resource for your child to work on for reinforcement!
Use this link, then go to Student Login (top left corner of the page), type in student's login (login card is glued to the inside cover of student's homeowrk notebook), then type in the three digit password. This will give you access to Online Games, Family Resources and the Interactive Student Reference Book. These are EXCELLENT resources to help reinforce your child's math skills!