Properties of copper-nickel pipe

Today, copper is considered one of the best metals for any type of installation and industry. It has great advantages and features that ensure the effectiveness of the processes.

For example, Copper Pipe is the products most used by industries. They have managed to position themselves as the best option for different uses and applications. Here are some of the main properties of the copper pipe, which you like want to take home these very extraordinary pipes. So here they are:





  • They can withstand the harshest conditions of pressure and temperature.
  • Inconel 625 tube does not deteriorate with exposure to light.
  • They are resistant to the possible attacks of the fluids they transport.
  • They have a long useful life, overcoming the passage of time.
  • Durability copper pipes

Excellent resistance to pressure

  • Inconel 600 tubes have a high surface quality.
  • Being exposed to large changes in temperature, its expansion is minimal, and its resistance is quite high.
  • Copper pipes installation. Titanium tubes are suitable for use.


  • monel 400 tubes have excellent resistance to corrosion. They do not form bulky crusts of rust or other compounds that can obstruct the flow of fluids.
  • High resistance to construction materials such as cement, plaster, plaster, among others.
  • Impermeability to gases and oxygen.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and pressures, without causing breakage.
  • Resistant to possible external attacks such as rodents.
  • Copper resistance pipes


Because copper is a non-flammable metal, in the event of a possible fire, the pipes do not spread flames, nor are they consumed. And they are even capable of continuing to transport fluids.

Welded copper pipes are impenetrable and highly permeable to harmful chemicals from the environment in which they are found.

Copper safety tubes



  • Due to their high recovery value, they contribute significantly to caring for the environment.
  • Copper is a recyclable metal, contributing to the conservation of natural resources.
  • Copper pipes do not give off toxic gases.
  • Because copper is a bacterial inhibitory metal, the fluids carried by the pipes are free from contamination.
  • Copper supports cardiovascular health in people. Also, living organisms need a small amount of copper for the growth and renewal of cells.
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. Therefore, it is used in heating and cooling systems.
  • Copper is considered the best metal for conducting electricity.

Easy and flexible installation

The copper pipe has fast and straightforward installation. It is assembled with cold joints or capillary welding and, if a change is necessary, it can be disordered and spliced ​​again. Furthermore, given its elasticity, it can be cold bent and adapt to almost any structure.


The reason for the profitability of copper pipes

Its lightness implies a reduction of costs in transport and labor, by facilitating its handling. This characteristic also allows the assembly in the workshop for its later transfer to the construction site. Also, its durability makes the value for money of copper pipe very positive: it can reach a useful life of up to a century.