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updated on 12/13/10

AP Spanish -

  • In Class Essay - Monday Nov. 8.  Refer to pages 148-149 in the Lectura book. Part G.  Students will plan as a class and then write individual essays.
  • Lectura - No oyes ladrar los perros.  Students need to read and understand. Quiz on story- Friday, November 12.
  • Next Current event Due Tuesday, November 16.
  • Examen- Unidad 2 viernes, 17 de diciembre.  This test will be grammar on adjectives, descriptions, dem. adj and pronouns, posessive adjectives and pronouns, and comparisons. 
  • In class- Monday, Dec. 13 - Message 1 or 2 - interpersonal writing score.  Will be worth 30 points. page 196 lectura book.

Helpful websites:

Use this website to help look up and define vocabulary.  La Real Academía Española


Spanish 3 -

  • Benchmark exam- Friday, November 5
  • Beginning of Unit 1 Lesson 2.  Begin Flashcards page 79.
  • Imperfect test- Monday, Dec. 6.
  • Preterite/Imperfect test- Thursday, Dec. 16.  - end of Unit 2 lesson 1.  Review guide will be handed out on Tuesday, Dec. 14.


Unit 1 leccion 2 test


Examen de Unidad 1 lección 2


Goal:  Demonstrate that you have successfully leaned to:

·         Talk about family vacations’

·         Discuss activities, skills and abilities

·         Describe a place and its climate

·         Use imperfect tense

·         Use preterite vs. imperfect



A.       Escucha el diálogo entre Miguel y Moarco.  Combina un element de la primera columna con el element que corresponde de la segunda columna para formar oraciones completas.


Match the beginning of the sentence with the ending according to the conversation that you hear.  (5 pts.)


Vocabulario y Gramática: 

 B.       Has una correspondencia para organizer a los familiars de mayor a menor.  Empieza con el familiar mayor.  Order from oldest to youngest, family members.  (4 pts.) C.       Completa las oraciones con un pariente del banco de palabras.  Complete sentences with the correct name of each family member. (6 pts.) 

D.       Completa las oraciones sobre viajes y excursions.  Usa los verbos del banco de palabras en el imperfecto. Complete sentences with the appropriate verb in the imperfect tense.  (10 pts.)

 E.       Usa los dibujos siguientes para describer tus vacaciones cuando eras niño.  Usa oraciones completas y conjuga los verbos en el imperfecto.   Use the pictures to say what each family member used to do when they were young using the imperfect. (10 pts.) F.       Completa el diálogo con la forma correcta del verbo entre parenthesis. Usa el pretérito o el imperfect según corresponda.  Choose the correct preterite or imperfect verb. (10 Pts.)  Leer: 

Read a letter from Claudia to Sancho about a trip to Acapulco, México.   Choose true false answers and andse 3 questions about the trip. (10 pts.)

helpful websites:


We are in the middle of the second quarter.  Students need to continue to make up work or re-do work during Wednesday Help sessions.