Mrs. Markoya's 1st grade web-site

Welcome to first grade at CDCA!

2010-04-03   Writer's workshop!  This week we learned that we should look for mistakes before we turn in our stories!  Enjoy your Easter break, think of ideas to write about for your next story!

2010-03-10   We have been doing a great job writing about George Washington!  The children have been working several days on this project and will write their final copies on Monday of next week.  In math we learned our 11 family, and are still working on counting changing and finding fractions.

2010-02-20   Friday was a great day!  We took two 4 minute exercise breaks to combat the building cabin fever from being inside too long.  We also made cute little critters out of our thumb prints.  Our bible stories this week were about Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  We learned that Jesus loves us, and has compassion for us when we are sad.  Jesus wept! 

Remember, send in your field trip money on Monday!

2010-02-16  Today we started Writer's Workshop!  Ask your author what he or she wrote about today, and what they plan to add to their story tomorrow.  I also sent home a read at home notice.  Your child can borrow books from the classroom for you to read with them and bring back each day.  Check your folder to sign the Read at Home contract so your child can participate!  Valentines party tomorrow, we have two kinds of cookies already!

2010-02-13   Our one day of school this week we did learn something new!

1.  We learned about finding one third of an object.  Many first graders find these concepts difficult so work at home!

2.  Our field trip to the Aquarium is coming up quickly.  Please send in your permission slips.  We have several parents coming so we should be able to get the $11 rate.  (woo whoo!)  We will need all of our students to participate though! 


2010-02-04   This week we worked on

1.  Telling time in 5 minute increments, and counting money. 

2.  Made awesome Valentines mailboxes thanks to Mrs. Basler, Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Challis!  Stop in and see, they are really cute!

3.  In Science we learned that we are all unique and special.  We also talked about our hands and fingerprints!

4.  We finished up studying Australia.

5.  We read about Martin Luther King, Over in the Meadow, and Blueberries for Sal.