Grade 6

Sixth Grade meets for Spanish twice a week, 6A Mondays and Thursdays  ~6B Tuesdays and Thursdays

It is recommended to review Spanish vocabulary every night for 10 - 15 minutes.

lunes, el 25 de abril ~ 6a

martes, el 26 de abril ~ 6B

 In class today we began lecciones 5 y 18 ~ los numeros 0 - 100.  As we work with los numeros and the related vocabulary continue to review conjugating verbs, making negative statements and questions

Those students who miss leccion 4 Test please make an appointment with me to take the test this week.

Tarea: Put number vocabulary 0 - 100 and all related vocabulary from lecciones 5 y 18 páginas 93 y341 in notebooks.

If you are having a hard time with conjugating verbs come to Spanish Extra help Wednesday April 6 or make an appointment to see me beore school or after school.

Remember when putting vocabulary in notebook to:

  1.  print
  2.  number entries
  3.  skip lines
  4. include el or la with all nouns

Winkremember to print, number entries, and skip lines when putting vocabulary in notebookWink