Grade 8

Eighth Grade meets for Spanish twice a week:

8A on Tuesdays and Thursdays;

8B on Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is recommended that students review Spanish vocabulary every night for at least 10 - 15 minutes whith or without written homework.

martes yjueves, los 5 y 7 de abril

miércoles y viernes, los 6 y 8 de abril

8A y 8B: We are combining la lección 15 ~ la casa and possessive adjectives and la lección 21 demonstrative adjectives and stem changing & reflexive verbs.  In class we this week we are practicing stem changing and reflexive verbs.

Tarea: Worksheet on Stem changing and reflexive verbs. Please continue to review notes on stem changing and reflexive verbs and practice vocabulary.

You will have an open book quiz on the use of stem changing and reflexive verbs martes, el 12 de abril and miércoles, el 13 de abril.

Winkremember to print, number entries, and skip lines when putting vocabulary in notebookWink