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Educational Philosophy

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Teaching Philosophy

     I believe that one should always be passionate about everything he or she does.  My passion just so happens to involve inspiring children to be the best individuals that they can be.  Every child can reach limitless possibilities of greatness if they are inspired to pursue a life of learning.  I feel I am that teacher, who can inspire students to reach this goal.  Being called teacher is an honor, that should be cherished, not a position to be taken for granted. 


     In order to encourage students to have a life-long passion for learning, a comfortable learning environment must be established.  It must be aesthetically appealing, and designed to maximize learning.  Classrooms should be bright, colorful, and stocked with supplies that motivate students to explore and make new discoveries.  The classroom should have areas where children can feel comfortable, and know that they are expected to do their part in their little classroom community.


     A school can serve as many things to a child.  Some children see it as a place to learn and grow, and others see it as a place where they are safe and are protected.  My goal is to create a learning environment where children are not afraid to make mistakes.  They know they are part of the learning process, and that is how all successful discoveries start. One of the most important jobs a teacher has is to inspire children to reach for limitless possibilities and exceptional growth.


     I hope to someday share my passion for learning with students.  I know that I can motivate them to learn, and be excited, to dig deeper into their full potential.  In order to captivate students, great teachers must be able to demonstrate flexibility and open-mindedness to be the best possible teacher that they can be.  This is important because every student is unique.  Every mind thinks and learns differently.  It is my job to find a way to captivate each child and create an excited "learner".  All students learn differently, but the most important fact is that all students learn. 


     Technology is one of the leading ways to captivate the mind of the digital native.  It is very important to integrate it into every lesson. Children are easily able to grasp concepts that were once difficult with the help of videos, simulators, and the internet.  Technology allows children to become more independent in the classroom, which will provide much more time for student-centered activities.  


     I am very excited to set off on my career as a teacher.  I would love to have the privilege of teaching Americas future leaders. I can guarantee that I would do my very best every day to provide a fantastic learning experience for my students. 





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