Karen Grant English Class

First Vocabulary List: Sentences due on Monday, September 10, 2012; spelling and vocabulary test on Tuesday.

Vocabulary List 13 – Book 9

  1. Carnal
  2. Contumacious
  3. Dialectic
  4. Fulsome
  5. Impute
  6. Jaded
  7. Laud
  8. Mountebank
  9. Nepotism
  10. Periphery
  11. Porcine
  12. Provender
  13. Retrograde
  14. Simian
  15. Supplicate
  16. Unctuous

Choose  TEN of the words above and write a sentence for each of them.  The sentences should all be connected in some way.  For example, each sentence could be about the same person or about the same event or topic.

Note: Retrograde and Unctuous have two meanings.