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March 16, 2012

My student teacher is off  to a successful start.  We have assigned periods 2/6 their phobia projects.  Period 2- due 3/28 and period 6- due 3/30. 

Mr. Savage does paln on gingi one homework assignment this coming week.  It will be related to animal behavior.



March 5, 2012

I gave homework tonight.  The paper is short and has only 4 questions.  Topic is Chloroplasts.  Periods 2/6 will be getting their final science project on Monday the 12th.The topic is Phobias.

March 1, 2012

I gave homework last night.  There will be one homework assignment next week also.  Next week is my last week  with Mr. Savage taking over.  He does plan on homework assignments.  He will post them on this site.


February 27, 2012

I will probably have to assign homewrok this week after all.  We will race theough the curriculum so that we are completed when Mr. savage begins his teaching.

February 23, 2012:

There has been no homework this week.  If your student has been absent, are they coming in at lunch for makeup work?

I would expect no homework next week also.


February 17, 20121

I did give homework on Tuesday and many did not turn it in.  Very disappointing.

There will be no more homework the rest of the week.  We are starting plants in a week, expect lots of homework.

February 13, 2012

Periods 2/6 will get project grades back.  All classes will get genetic tests back. 

I hope to have homework for students on Tuesday, but my home computer is not connecting to the printer so...we'll see.

February 8, 2012

Test tomorrow on genetics.  Periods 2/6 was given homework to prcatice vocabulary.

Science Homework:  No classes have nightly homework this week of 12/12/11.

Periods 2/6 have a 'ology project due this Wednesday.

Next week, with two days remaining in the year...there is also no homework.  Expect homework in January.


Welcome to Educator Pages...

As the new year begins, check this web site weekly for updates on homework and projects.

* The first week is short and there is no homework.  Next week, expect homework on genetics.

* Our student teacher, Mr. Savage returns and will stay until June.

* Periods 2/6, expect a project on genetics towards the end of Jan.


January 9, 2012:

All classes were given a one page homework sheet.  They were to answer the 8 questions and identify the paragraphs the answers were found in.


January 11, 2012

There is no homework for all classes the rest of the week.  Periods 2/6 will be gettting their genetics projects next week.  They will have two weeks to do this.


January 18, 2012

Periods 1/5 had homework on Monday.  Only 9 turned it in in period 1.  There was a better turn out in period 5.

Periods 2/6 got their genetics project today.  This is due Feb. 1.



January 24, 2012

There is no homework for all classes this week.  Periods 2/6 projects are due next Wednesday!!!

Mr. Savage is slowly taking over some teaching and doing a great job.  We wish him luck. 

One change!!!!!! today January 26...periods 2/6 have punnett square homework due Friday.


 January 31, 2012

Periods 2/6 are preseting thier rooms starting Wed.  Periods 1/5 are continuing work on vocabulary and punnett squares.  No homework this week.